“Job Dating” at the National Education: FO Demands Legal Jobs, Salary Increases, and No Contract Workers Contracts

The reforms and the lack of salary attractiveness are leading to a shortage of candidates for the contests to become teachers, in a statutory post, within the National Education. The administration implements its solution, organizes here and there job dating » and other employment forums. Outraged, the FNEC asks FP-FO federation for emergency measures, but also to roll back the reforms and raise wages. in the XXVe Congress of FO, in the plenary hall, when the tables occupied by the teachers very naturally rustle discussions between colleagues and activists, these days, the anger at the creation of this new “ contract contracts was very palpable. Critical comments, claims, anecdotes… a small round table.

The situation resembles that of panic on board. The Rectorate of Versailles is organizing a series of interviews this week for people who failed a competition but still want to become teachers, an AFP broadcast of May 31 reports. Starting next academic year, the selected teachers will teach as contract workers. If they want to, they pass the competitions to be established.

This week of recruitment, which thus falls under the “ job dating », specifies AFP, does not happen by chance and goes far beyond the Versailles initiative. There are others too. For its part, the FO federation of education, the FNEC FP-FO, denounces a collapse in the number of candidates eligible for competitions national. Indeed, in mid-May, in anticipation of the composition of the new government, she again warned, underlining that we were moving towards a unacceptable disasterboth in the first grade and in secondary schools and colleges and secondary schools of vocational education…

The federation therefore quoted some figures that highlight the malaise. Entirely official figures, provided by the Ministry of Education itself. In the first degree, 484 qualified for 1,430 positions offered for competition in Versailles, 521 for 1,079 in Créteil, 180 for 219 in Paris, 105 for 172 in Guyana, 40 for 160 in Mayotte… At the national level, according to the FNEC FP-FO, there is in the first degree only 9,597 candidates qualifying for teacher competitions for 8,323 positions offered i.e. a ratio of 115

In colleges and secondary schools, and with regard to many educational subjects, the national situation is just as critical. There are 816 eligible for 1,035 math positions † in modern letters, 720 qualify for 755 positions † in old letters 60 eligible for 134 positions. In English there are 904 eligible for 781 positions… The situation is just as dramatic on the side of vocational secondary schools with 201 is eligible for 240 positions in Mathematics Science, 15 is eligible for 27 positions in Civil Engineering, option engineering equipment energy, 3 is eligible for 5 positions in Literature German…

Threat to the start of the 2022 school year

The federation was outraged. While thousands of classes have been closed during technical committees, while staff in schools, establishments, services are seriously deficient, thousands of competition positions will therefore go unfilled. † The already untenable situation promises to be catastrophic for schools at the start of the 2022 school year. And in its press release, the FNEC FP-FO underlined its fear that this candidate shortage situation inevitably used by the next government to increase the use of contracted, precarious and underpaid teachers, to continue the uberization of public schools…

The initiative of the Rectorate of Versailles, among others, shows that this is indeed happening † May 31 on the XXVe FO Congress, comments on this week from “ job dating went well, crossing the tables of the militants of the FNEC FP-FO. Reactions of anger and determination to fight against reforms that have created this situation.

Smicardization and damage of the reforms on the leagues…

This is how Muriel, history-geography teacher at Indre-et-Loire and activist of the SNLC-FO, sums it up: It’s the same as what happens in the public hospital: there is a lack of attractiveness of careers, the cops don’t want to work there anymore, others leave. As in the entire public service, the index salary of teachers has been frozen since 2010 (apart from a slight increase in 2016 and 2017), which, the federation emphasizes, is a to collapse purchasing power of agents of 22.68 † Therefore, in particular, the FNEC FP demands a revaluation of the value of the index point.

Muriel confirms this collapse. In high school or college, the salary of a starting teacher is only 110 % of the minimum wageshe recalls. And this situation of Smicardization seems all the more unacceptable if reforms, those of mastering (launched in 2009-2010), to which were added the reform of the competitions, carried out by the now former Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, have established conditions for entry into contests deemed to be deviant.

So it is necessary to have a bac+5 (master 2) to pass the Capes and no longer be licensed, as before. While this is now the rule for all competitions, it is not justified , launches Muriel, protesting against these reforms which have the effect of drying up the possibilities for recruitment through competition as the number of candidates decreases and the number of masters 2 holders is reduced. As icing on the cake, the number of organized competitions has also decreased in recent years.

We need exceptional matches right away

Dominique, teacher of Reunion in the first degree sums it up: Government policy is to always go for more contract workers. Muriel nods: In the second degree there are now 17 % contract employees. In some educational disciplines there are only contract workers. Next year, all competition entry is on bac+6, Muriel adds indignantly. The organization of the job dating of Versailles affects these teachers. The people who will be selected will, of course, as contract workers, have to accept the conditions placed on them and consequently this situation of contracting employment in education will affect our working conditions.

This contracting, advocated by the Law on the Transformation of the Public Service of 6 August 2019, is of course also a new attack on the Statute. While all education unions have already sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, at the end of May urging a moratorium on job cuts, the federation is adding a request to organize exceptional competitions immediately to recruit teachers under state status in sufficient numbers† And it is necessary, adds the federation, exceptional recruitment competitions for teachers from the third year of the license† The new Minister of Education, Pap Ndiaye, does not seem to want to respond positively.

In the middle of the plenary hall of the FO congress, at this table occupied by teachers, examples of deviations merge. There is only one week of training for contract employees smoke Dominic. But what do governments want? † That in the end there are only adults who interact with children/students and not real teachers, with the skills † A class is not a nursery Bee “ job dating of Versailles, apply for foreigners who have just arrived in France, people in retraining, job seekers,…

Weekly management

FO activists in education, in particular, point to the daily struggle to maintain statutory positions. For example, we ask that contract workers be assigned to short-time replacement, or no, the administration assigns them to full functions , says Dominic. And again to remember that the famous, much publicized measure of class duplication was carried out with contract teachers and not permanent teachers.

At the table, the activists multiply the important anecdotes of an organization of work in education that they consider handled weekly† That, for example, of an elementary school replacement who, brightening the situation, without being warned, sees a contract tumble one morning announcing that she’s replacing her, and this, immediately.

We can’t legitimize everything emphasizes David (IEN sector of the iD-FO union), Inspector of National Education, stationed in Reunion. And what to say to parents when there are problems? The activist points to an additional complication that illustrates the intertwining of reforms and the increasing difficulty of resisting them. So now 30 % of inspectors’ salary is subject to merit, through an evaluation thus taking into account the mode of service, which of course refers to the agreement to the application of the reforms. This allows us to appreciate the courage of these employees when they resist their administrative hierarchy when some of their pay could be threatened.

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