Football. Benoît Veyrinas: ‘Many coaches would have thrown in the towel in my place’

Benoît Veyrinas will have played two seasons with Flers. Two complicated seasons. ©Aline Chatel

The penultimate day of Regional 2 convicted Bourguébus. Like his reserve, which would have gone down administratively anyway, the BSFC will evolve at a lower level next season. It will be without Benoît Veyrinas. Two years after his arrival, the Ornais returns to his favorite ward. He committed himself to Saint-Georges-des-Groseilliers. His experience in Bourguebus turned out to be very complicated. A year ago, the thirty registered departures at the club made headlines. Many had come into conflict with Benoît Veyrinas.

Were the many starters from last summer right about the season that Bourguébus, relegated to Region 3, was right?

I cannot answer for them. If we had finished last, twenty points behind, I would say yes. This is not the case. We finished tenth out of thirteen teams. We miss a win against Mortagne to play maintenance against Mézidon. I’m not convinced I could have done better with the players who left. We won’t know. Apart from Seyer and Béliarde, who played in R2, the others are D1 champions. The players left, I didn’t fire them. But I don’t want to talk about them.

However, your season may give some food for thought…

Yes, the footix have just that to do. Bourguébus will be relegated to R3, as was the case with the players who left five years ago. They went down and they went up. It’s not the end of the world because players leave and it’s not synonymous with descent.

“We made great football”

So let’s talk about the current season. What did you miss to save yourself?

There was quality in the team. It lacked maturity, but we played great football. It took the youngsters half a season to learn the rigors of the R2. That’s a fact. I told the office in January that we would do a much better second half of the season. We come and die in tenth place. Four runs in R2 is huge.

Can this team come back next season?

If they keep the workforce, they’ll be the star. It is certain and certain. A new coach is coming, will he keep the workforce? I don’t know. But with the players who have made it to the second part of the season, it will be necessary to count on Bourguébus to make it up the climb.

We had nine draws in which we led six times. If we had only won three out of six games, we would have had six points more and we would have been one point ahead of Mézidon. We were in our place in this R2 Championship. Ouistreham, who has a much bigger budget than ours and a much more experienced team, is practically relegated. We have the two contrasts.

“I’m pretty glad it’s over”

Personally, why are you leaving?

In January I made it clear to my club that it was no problem for me to leave with 80% of my workforce in Region 3. In March I was approached by a club. I immediately emailed my office to meet the leaders to project myself. With the professional limitations of each other, I was not received until around April 20th.

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Meanwhile, other clubs have positioned themselves to let me come to them. I met the president of Saint-Georges-des-Groseilliers. We talked about football for an hour and a half. It matched well. I didn’t commit, but the project really interested me. Five days later I met the leaders of Bourguébus. I have reported this serious contact. They made me understand that in R3 they might not keep a coach with a BE diploma. It all happened naturally.

Do you not regret signing with Bourguébus two years ago?

No. It took me a long time to take on this challenge. The then president called me three or four times. I refused, then I finally accepted. It ends after two years, which is the average life expectancy of coaches since the merger (with Soliers, editor’s note) in 2011. I’m pretty glad it’s over, but you shouldn’t regret your choices. It’s a trainer. It shows that nothing is ever acquired. I came to a club where I reset all counters. It’s not easy to do.

Humanly speaking, there have probably been hard times…

Yes. Humanly speaking, it is very difficult to live. I’m a pretty tough guy, who can handle it, but I think a lot of coaches would have thrown in the towel in January 2021. In addition, I have met some wonderful people, including President David Thibault. He became a friend. We’ve been through thick and thin together. For that reason alone I’m glad I got to the end of this season. You always have to find the positives.

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