Week of early childhood education

MONTREALMay 29, 2022 /CNW Telbec/ – The Centrale des unions du Québec (CSQ) is celebrating Early Childhood Education Services Week, being held from May 29 to June 4, amid the labor shortage rife in the network.

The lack of places in care for young children has serious consequences for a very large number of families. excellent workshop for families created expectations that matched the announcements made; we fervently hope that the government will keep its promises.

Tens of thousands of parents are waiting for a place in early childhood care, a real challenge in the context of the labor shortage that affects all sectors of the activity. While the government is increasing short-term training initiatives to fill the gap, the CSQ and the federations concerned emphasize the importance of promoting university education and thus multiplying the gateways to technical training.

“Of course we are aware that the shortage also affects the network for young children, but to attract the next generation there are not a thousand ways: it is necessarily about promoting and improving working conditions. We are hopeful that the forthcoming negotiations in the sector of CPEs and regulated and subsidized family environments will help improve the situation,” Line Camerlain, vice chairman of the CSQ. She also adds that educational services in the home environment should be more central to the minister’s strategy to respond quickly to the needs of families in Quebec. The Home Education Service Managers (RSE) are already well established and part of the public network and provide quality services.

The President of the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ), Valérie Grenon, points out that, according to the decrees implemented under the health emergency, childcare workers have to deal with a small number of qualified educators in the floor. In addition, the pandemic has exacerbated the CSR exodus, leaving thousands of parents out of place for their child.

“The lack of follow-up to the network is distressing and causes increased pressure on the employees present, in all employment categories. Sure, we need to act quickly to get through the storm in the short term, but we need to think now about promoting the profession among high school youth for the future of our profession for years to come,” said Ms Grenon.

For her part, the president of the Federation of Teachers Cegep (FEC-CSQ), Lucie Piché, recalls that the Youth Education Technology (TÉE) has lost a third of its workforce since 2016, while the need for qualified workers is only increasing year by year. In addition, barely one in two students completes the program in five years.

“The increase in short training courses in early childhood worries CEGEP teachers in TÉE, for whom the DEC should be the reference in early childhood to maintain quality services. It is not normal for young people to opt for permanent education from the outset to avoid over-training. The DEC and TÉE is a complete training, leading to internships and preparing students well for early childhood work,” emphasizes Ms Piché.

The three union leaders are calling on the government to promote the profession of early childhood educators and support a strong public network of CPEs and regulated and subsidized family environments. “Our network of early childhood education facilities is the pride of the people of Quebec, not just often cited as an example in the rest of the world.” Canada and around the world. Because the needs of families are dire, the government must reverse the current trend with a long-term vision,” they conclude.

Profile of the CSQ

The CSQ represents nearly 200,000 members, of whom approximately 125,000 are teaching staff. The CSQ has 11 federations bringing together some 240 member unions; there is also the AREQ (CSQ), the Association of Retired Education and Other Public Services in Quebec. The CSQ is also present in the health and social services, early childhood education, municipalities, recreation, culture, community and communication sectors.
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Profile of the FIPEQ-CSQ

The Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ) is the most representative early childhood labor organization. It represents nearly 13,000 members across Quebec who work in early childhood centers (CPE) or as educational services managers (RSE) in regulated and subsidized family settings.

Profile of the FEC-CSQ

The Federation of Cegep Teachers (FEC-CSQ) is a group of sixteen unions representing nearly 3,000 Cegep teachers from different regions of Quebec. Founded in 1968, the FEC-CSQ has always worked to ensure that CEGEPs have the resources to provide students with a quality education, prepare them for the job market or university, while contributing to the development of citizens , free and independent. It is affiliated with the Central Trade Unions of Quebec (CSQ).


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