the CAN of the districts of Créteil becomes national

Next Sunday, May 29, 6.30 pm. The National Neighborhoods Cup kicks off at the Stade Dominique-Duvauchelle in Créteil. Senegalese singer and guitarist Baaba Maal and world champion 110m hurdles Ladji Doucouré are both on hand to kick off the Morocco-Italy (5-2) and Guinea-Antilles (7-3) matches respectively. A total of 16 teams, divided into 4 groups, participate.

The continuation of the elimination phases is planned for next weekend, June 4 and 5, on the synthetic turf pitch from 6.30 pm. The semifinalists will face each other on the western synthetic field on June 25 and 26. The final on Saturday 2 July on the field of honor from 7 p.m. The competition is mainly expected in the prefectural city of 94, the Val-de-Marne department south-east of Paris, especially since this year, for the 2nd edition of the tournament, the format changes.

The neighborhood CAN becomes the National Neighborhood Cup

The neighborhood CAN tournament takes its name from the prestigious African Cup of Nations, the CAN, and mainly brought together teams of players of African descent. This year, the representation of the countries will no longer be limited to the diasporas of the African continent and the competition will become a national event. Countries such as Turkey, France, Portugal will also be represented. This is the promise displayed by the Instagram account of the National Cup of the districts of Créteil.

Among the novelties of this year, several brands (Nike, Heetch, Amazon) become partners of the event. There will also be a women’s tournament: on June 19, 8 women’s teams will compete against each other. The program of the day will be announced shortly. Latest innovation: The final of the competition will be broadcast live on Amazon Prime Video. A credit to the organizers who even have fun coming up with this fake tweet from Kylian Mbappé. They had not expected such enthusiasm.

A tournament born of a story of friendship in 2019

It must be said that the tournament was born from a simple conversation between friends from the Bleuets-Bordières district of Créteil. On his initiative, Moussa Sow, a Red Cross employee and originally from the city, explains that after every Clásico he had a match against friends from his neighborhood.

On the occasion of the African Cup of Nations (CAN) 2019, he wanted to go further. He therefore gathered 8 of his friends and asked them to bring together 15 players of all origins, French-Algerians, French-Malines, French-Tunisians, etc. But they all had to come from the neighborhoods of the city of Créteil.

We want to make our neighborhoods visible and show that we know how to live together.Moussa Sow, organizer of the National Neighborhoods Cup

The aim was to bring together all the young people of the city of Créteil and unite the city” entrusted Moussa Sow to the Parisian.”We wanted to make our neighborhoods visible and show that we know how to live together”he added.

That year, Morocco won the final against Tunisia (9-4), in Créteil, in front of 4,000 supporters. The CAN neighborhood was born.

A model that can be exported to other districts

The competition does not stop at the walls of Créteil. From Évry to Le Mans, from Paris to Lyon, teams from different countries competed in tournaments. The principle is always the same: play for his country of origin. But the country of origin of the players is not the only condition for forming teams. It also has teams from overseas territories, as is the case for the West Indies in Créteil.

For example, a few weeks after the CAN of the Créteil districts, in 2019, another CAN made noise in the city of Évry, still in Île-de-France. Players Didier Drogba, Karim Benzema and rapper Niska cheered the initiative, supporting Ivory Coast, Algeria and Congo-Brazzaville respectively.

We actually wanted to do this for the city of Créteil, but if the concept can be applied everywhere, that’s fine too.

Moussa Sow, organizer of the National Neighborhood Cup.

“We didn’t expect such enthusiasm“, Moussa Sow confided to the Parisian”We actually wanted to do this for the city of Créteil, but if the concept can be applied everywhere, that’s fine too.“, he said. And rightly so, the match is organized independently of the city, associations or any other center, even though the municipality sometimes helps to coordinate these tournaments by borrowing stadiums.

This tournament in Créteil is just a first step in this new project, the National District Cup. †We want to grow throughout France (…) while preserving the DNA and spirit of this tournament”, assures Moussa Sow. †But every football fan knows that you cannot build a championship in such a short time.“, he adds. Faced with the influx of requests he has received, he assures that there will be a next step very soon. Meanwhile, the next kick-off will be next Saturday at 7 p.m. in Créteil.

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