Teachers, assistants, bus drivers… shortages at all levels threaten the start of the 2022 school year

Occupational crisis, difficult working conditions, underrated pay: despite government efforts, the school world is having a hard time attracting people.

Summer vacation is coming up and it really is a matter of taking advantage because being a parent promises to get very complicated next school year. Staff shortages are greater than ever: in classes, canteens or even school buses. The situation is very tense at all levels and there is nothing to say that things will get better before September. Panorama.

Thousands of teachers are missing

It’s a bit of a panic on the part of National Education with a worrying lack of teachers, be it primary school teachers or college and high school teachers.

However, the first results of the official competitions do not bode well.

“The turnout rates for the first written tests of the CPRE – the recruitment competition for school teachers – have reached one of the lowest levels in history,” was alarmed on May 10 by the SNUipp-FSU, the first representative of teachers.

On the Capes side (college and high school teachers), according to National Education figures, in Mathematics, out of 1035 positions, only 816 candidates have passed the writing bar and are therefore eligible. In German, 215 vacancies are vacant, but only 83 candidates are eligible.

A vocation crisis that forces the state to circumvent the traditional mechanisms of competitive recruitment by organizing “jobs dating” to attract professionals from all sides who want to change their lives and teach.

At the Academy of Versailles and Créteil alone, which organizes these meetings from May 30 to June 3, 2035 public service vacancies have to be filled. The process has been simplified as much as possible through 30-minute interviews with representatives of the rectorates. Successful candidates are then called for a second interview and can start teaching from the start of the next school year in September.

Is filling the gaps as quickly as possible by recruiting contract workers a viable solution? Professors and principals are concerned about the arrival of these poorly or poorly trained prospective teachers into colleges and secondary schools.

“This Job Dating is just a poultice on a wooden leg! Instead of addressing the real causes of the recruitment crisis, the government prefers to recruit en masse contract workers who will be insecure and untrained! 20% of the workforce Next year, even more new employees will be placed in front of students without teaching. This situation is deteriorating the quality of education and hurting the recruited staff,” alarms de Snes, secondary school teachers’ union.

However, it is the goods of the hundreds of candidates seeking retraining who presented themselves at this job dating this Monday.

Canteens: shortages since January

Many school cafeterias were disrupted or even closed in the early months of the year, mainly due to outbreaks of covid cases. Then the parents had to do it. But while the health situation has improved, the lack of staff is still evident.

School nurses desert

Even before the health crisis, the profession suffered from a lack of attractiveness and poor working conditions. In 2018, there was one nurse for every 1,300 students. Now this figure can reach 1 in 1800 students in a department like Seine-Saint-Denis.

In addition to difficult working conditions, the profession criticizes compensation that is much lower than that of health institutions. Result: 66% of school nurses plan to change jobs.

Faced with this shortage, the government is trying to make the profession more attractive. During the Grenelle de l’éducation in 2021, it was decided to revaluate 400 euros per year.

However, the wage increases in health institutions (via the Ségur de la Santé, ie 183 euros net per month in addition) caused significant leaks because this increase did not concern professionals working in schools. Last February, a decree made it possible to restore equity, as these forgotten professionals of Ségur will clearly notice this increase.

There remains the issue of job creation, which has not yet been resolved.

School bus: 15,000 drivers missing

Many school bus services may not operate at the beginning of the next school year. In question, the chronic lack of school bus drivers.

According to fntv, the National Passenger Transport Federation, there is a shortage of no less than 15,000 drivers across France (out of a total of 100,000) compared to 10,000 last year. All regions are affected.

Working conditions are the biggest obstacle. The sector is struggling to move the lines. The government has lowered the entry age D license 18 years instead of 20. The sector is also undergoing a major overhaul of training by setting up from the outset an apprenticeship program consisting of a new front desk clerk and a road driving CAP, including the approval of the D license and the installation of CFA.

Salaries have been revised upwards, but that is not enough. Nearly 9 out of 10 companies in the sector still struggle to recruit.

Olivier Chicheportiche Journalist BFM Business

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