Single mothers rewarded for continuing their education

Scholarships of $500 awarded to 14 single mothers completing their studies Samares School Service Centerduring the annual award ceremony mom goes to schoolon May 19.

These moms were rewarded for their courage to stick with their studies, despite the day-to-day challenges of motherhood and the pandemic that has hit the school system in recent years.

For Maude Boivin, a 21-year-old mother studying at the Adult Education Center The crossing in Repentigny, this fair recognizes his efforts and his perseverance in his projects.

“We really feel like we’re being supported and supported. It’s all gratifying because being a mom is like having two jobs. Go to school and take care of my child. We often downplay what we live.says the mother of a four-year-old boy.

For Maude, willpower and self-confidence are the keys to success in her studies as a parent. “Perseverance is really the key to success. You must never give up, you must believe in yourself and in your child. Ultimately, I just want my son to be proud of his mother.”confides in them.

Scholarships were also awarded to 12 single mothers registered with the Affluent School Service Centeron 24 May, at the offices of the Education Union of the Moulins Region

the organism mom goes to school established a scholarship program in 2012 to encourage the perseverance of single mothers.

That year, two scholarships were awarded for a total of $1,000 in reward. Since then, the number of applications and the number of sponsors has increased.

This is why, since its inception, the organization mom goes to school awarded a total of $256,000 to 565 single mothers returning to school for their first degree.

In 2021, 122 scholarships were awarded in 14 regions of Quebec, for more than $57,000.

Laureates of Lanaudière

1. Gina Maria Cachimbo Valencia has been awarded an MVE grant by Claire Lalande, board member of the organisation.

2. Richère Doucet was offered a scholarship by the Solidarity Fund QFL which was also given to him by Claire Lalande.

3. Jeneviève Durand Lévesque received her CSQ grant from the president of the Lanaudière Education Union (CSQ)

4. Krystel Giroux won a scholarship offered by the AREQ-CSQ. It was given to him by Suzanne Dalpé of Sector Council Lanaudière

5. Soraya Koninga received a scholarship from the Lanaudière Education Union (SEL), proposed by its chairman, Mathieu Lessard.

6. Jennifer Layette has also received an SEL grant from her chair Mathieu Lessard.

7. Cindy Madore won the scholarship offered by Luc Thériault, Member of Parliament for Montcalm in the House of Commons of the Bloc Québécois. Her constituency assistant, Marie Christine Gaudreau, presented the scholarship to Jennyfer along with her daughter.

8. The Doreen Niragira Scholarship, provided by Energy harnesswas presented to her by Guylaine Caron, Director, Talent and Corporate Responsibility at armor

9. A second scholarship was offered by Harnois Energies to Caroline Proulx who was absent from the event.

10. Neyci Milena Romana Sanchez won the scholarship offered by Véronique Hivon, Member of Parliament for Joliette in the National Assembly (PQ).

11. Stéphanie Richard obtained the scholarship offered by Gabriel Ste-Marie, Member of Parliament for Joliette in the House of Commons under the banner of the Bloc Québécois.

12. Slovenia received the scholarship from Samares multi-service center which was given to him by Claire Lalande of the CA of MVE.

13. Jessica St-Pierre received the scholarship from Léa-Roback Foundation which emphasizes both the educational path and the social involvement. Together with her two adult daughters, she received her grant from Claire Lalande.

14. Késia Martin, absent from the event, also received a grant from SEL.

Prosperous School Service Center Winners

The winners of Future Center are Maryse Rivard, Mélissa Bélanger, Sarahi Pineda Acosta, Natalia Maria Velez Higuita, Vanandjee Bernia Joseph, Frédéryck Tremblay and Arianne Chartier.

On Repentigny’s side, the recipients are Caroline Turgeon, Zoé Wright Prud’homme, Maude Boivin, Alexandra Lacroix-Brasseur and Mélissa Dupras.

In the photo: Marie-Josée Doucet (teacher), Julie Bellemare (psycho-trainer), Valérie Paquet (teacher), Martin Hébert (Centre L’Avenir), Isabelle Gauthier (Centre La Croisée) and some mothers accompanied by their children.

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