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Noovo revives his late-night debates and takes on the former host of l† at TVA Marie-Christine Bergeron to pilot her 5pm bulletin. Conclusion ? It is clear that a new arc is emerging, with more impact and more stuck to the burning news for the different editions of the wire

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Implemented on March 29, 2021, Noovo Info’s television news formula, which wanted to “embody the news and tell it differently,” failed. And the viewing figures? Very low. Genre: about 100,000 viewers. However, Noovo has not given me the exact figures of the Wire 17 as well as that of Wire 22 measured by the Numeris company.

The only data Noovo has communicated to me is this: the winter audience of the Wire 17 and Wire 22 jumped 29% and 15% respectively from the fall of 2021. That’s all.

At the launch of their news service, Noovo Info bosses bet on longer reports, favored analysis or commentary, then quickly torpedoed the magazine formula that didn’t fit dinner.

The wire 22 by Michel Bhérer, a former employee of TQS and RDI, has adopted a more conventional structure from the start, it should be noted.

In any case, Noovo Info’s leaders tried to differentiate themselves from the competition. We will not blame them for this trial and error. But as an internal source points out, “doing things differently while not too different from TVA and Radio-Canada is an almost impossible mission.” Where. It never works, “the same, but not too much the same, please”.

What’s taking shape for the fall season is a return to a classic newsletter. At least, for the one moderated by Marie-Christine Bergeron, who will succeed Noémi Mercier behind the desk of the Wire 17 from August 29.


Journalist Marie-Christine Bergeron goes pilot The Wire 5 p.m

Star of Noovo Info, Noémi Mercier will focus on the production of documentaries. The current head of the Wire 17who reportedly found her time as a newscaster difficult, declined to comment on the situation for this column.

Marie-Christine Bergeron, who took office Monday, said she was excited by the challenge ahead, without revealing more about the twists and turns at Noovo Info. Noovo’s chief information officer, Jean-Philippe Pineault, also refused to allow an interview. Actually, no one at Bell Media, the owner of Noovo, wanted to talk about the changes happening internally.

According to knowledgeable moles, the arrival of Marie-Christine Bergeron indicates a clear desire to “get closer to the people”, leave Montreal and return to what the traditional chains make.

So shorter reports, a more powerful, more effective bulletin, as well as reporters deployed where it gets hot. Basically, the opposite of what Noovo Info promised when it launched.

Marie-Christine Bergeron has been a field journalist for 20 years at TVA and LCN. She followed the impostors to l from 2018 to 2020. She was immersed in various facts, live interventions and breaking news.

She is also a woman from Alma, in Lac-Saint-Jean, who has a great sensitivity to the regions. In short, Marie-Christine Bergeron embodies somewhat the opposite of Noémi Mercier, who came from the world of magazines and was never the face of a newscast.

Another internal spy nuance: “There’s not really a turn, we’ve been adjusting our bulletins since the very first week,” he clarifies.

The editorial staff of Noovo Info has had a lot of turnover since its inception, which does not help to unite the team. One of the most experienced reporters in the box, Bénédicte Lebel, left after six months to join Paul Arcand’s radio program in the fall of 2021. That is lacking at Noovo Info: veterans to guide the youngest.

Then there’s this great return of the nightly debates about Noovo, which celebrate the glory years of the big newspaper from Denis Lévesque at TQS, 20 years ago.


Journalist Michel Bhérer remains at the helm of the Wire 22.

At the end of August, Michel Bhérer, who remains at the helm of the Wire 22, becomes the arbiter of discussions on the day’s news, which always plays live at 10:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday. Like in the time of 110%that viewers still remember.

This show will be called The Debaters of Noovo and lasts 30 minutes. You see familiar faces from wireincluding that of Luc Ferrandez.

Led by Denis Lévesque, the debates of TQS shook the cage and the competitors. However, the era allowed overflows, which would go less well today.

TVA is also working on a large number of debates with Stéphan Bureau behind the wheel. This 90-minute project, called Sit down !should start in the spring Everyone is talking about it† It was moved to the Friday box at 8pm in September, right after the talk show End the week well

The 10.30 pm debates, Denis Lévesque, TQS and 110%As long as we don’t get the black sheep out of his enclosure, we should be fine at Noovo.

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