Agriculture, forestry, education… Mireille Robert’s accounts

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The outgoing MP has a criminal record that she wants to bring forward and defend projects.

Even when she confides that she has the utmost respect for her political opponents – even those whose values ​​she is most distant from – Mireille Robert, the outgoing MP for the 3rd constituency, is undisputed to “leave everything and anything goes become. What. Mr Rancoule likes to describe me as an above-ground deputy who has not been able to bear the word of the Audois.”

Back to the balance of a mandate

And to quote in response: “the very many files brought to Paris: the development of the hospital and the maintenance of the emergency service, visits to Chaurian companies, private, public, agricultural secondary schools, to the local mission and charities to the visit of the President of the Republic to Saint-Gaudéric, to the farm of the Foreign Legion… He thinks about making fun of me and tells about the location of my office in Carcassonne, at 40 avenue du Dr Goût, not knowing that “Except for 23 even numbers, the whole avenue, on both sides, is in my constituency.” Month wouldn’t be entitled to it without mutual insurance. He forgets to say that people with a low income are entitled to it under the Solidaire Supplementary Health Insurance (CSS), former CMU) awarded to people with an annual income of less than €9,203 for a single person. village hearts, forgetting that it was our majority who carried out the “Coeur de ville” and “Small towns of tomorrow” plans, many of which were from the Aude municipalities that I actively supported with the Ministry (including Castelnaudary, Bram, Chalabre, Limoux, Couiza , Esperaza, Quillan, etc.). Gendarmerie personnel? He forgets to say that they have already been raised. He forgets to mention the law Mattress, so well received by firefighters. He talks about promoting vocational training for young people, forgetting the massive growth in apprenticeships that we have led and Emmanuel Macron’s project for a massive and radical upgrade of technical secondary schools. He talks about the National Heritage Service, forgetting that we have created the universal service, which is so valued, especially by the Legion, and which will include a national ecological service. He talks about farm pensions, but he forgets that we have already upgraded them, that we are moving forward and that we have introduced real maternity leave for women farmers.

A program for the countryside

Mireille Robert announces “a real team” to support her if she is chosen. “My deputy, Philippe Fau, mayor of Pezens, will be able to replace me with the mayors. Of course I will continue to be interested in what is happening, but this will free me up time to comply with the laws and for the citizens”. She claims the importance of proximity for a deputy who must represent and be like her fellow citizens. “I do not find in the representative of the National Rally or that of the NUPES people who resemble our territory. We are in a difficult period where we will have to make difficult decisions, we must have a certain serenity”.

and bills

“I would like to work on a minimum income for farmers. There is a bit with the MSA but not enough. It is impossible that a young person who settles does not receive at least the minimum wage. have to eat, the need for young and old to settle in agriculture, we have to get them out of poverty, out of the precarious situation in which they find themselves. It’s not normal that they can’t make a living from their work,” begins the outgoing MP, citing a second project: the forest and the ONF. “We need to restructure our forests, think intelligently about wood, train people in our areas – Montagne Noire, Haute-Vallée -, there is work. We must be able to move forward with all partners in project industrialization, forestry, crafts. We must have a real forestry policy. We worked a lot on it in the previous reign, but we didn’t succeed. We can achieve it.”

On the education side: “Educators must have a permanent contract. School speech therapists are needed to make assessments”. And to continue her fight against cancer: “I am the only MP of the INCA (National Cancer Institute), and supporter of the education of children with type 1 diabetes. “We must train the teachers” continues with the legislative workshops which she would like to set up: “Upstream of the laws it would be important to be able to discuss with citizens what they expect from them. It would also be an opportunity to interest people in politics. We have to be close to the citizens so that they feed us with their ideas that we parliamentarians will shape to legislate. These workshops could also make it possible to explain to people why we do this and that.” And to continue: “We have done a lot for the great uncertainty. What we have to take care of is the middle class, which is between the minimum wage and € 2,000, people who work a lot and don’t make it: self-employed, teachers… Another one of my battles will be public school maintenance Homeschooling is not possible!

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