Thighs that chafe: what solutions to stop being bothered by it?

Come summer, spending a day in a skirt or dress can quickly turn into a nightmare when our thighs decide to cuddle. Unfortunately there are too many women known redness, burning and itching, which can sometimes lead to bleeding. However, there are solutions to limit the nuisance, protect your skin and enjoy the summer heat with bare legs!

Is it normal for my thighs to touch?

YES. Rest assured, “touching” the thighs is completely normal. They even have a name: mermaid thighs† Contrary to popular belief, this is not a phenomenon that only affects overweight or obese people. Touching thighs is normal the fact of morphology† Only women with thin thighs and wide hips are spared from chafing between the thighs – and then.

In the winter this is not such a problem, but in the summer sweating + mermaid thighs don’t mix. When you run or walk, your thighs regularly touch, eventually leading to inner thigh irritation and a burning sensation. So painful and unattractive when it’s time to tan in a bathing suit. Small pimples can also appear and, in the most extreme cases, cause bleed. Luckily you don’t have to go that far!

Our tips to prevent chafing on the inner thighs

There is no question of forbidding you from wearing your favorite dresses or skirts, let alone forcing yourself to wear tights that match your skin! The most important thing is to keep the inner thighs “dry”, and to prevent them from seeping at all costs. Several solutions allow you to go outside with your legs in the air:

  • Choose insulating creams and the anti-abrasive creams that restore our skin while being a real shield to fight irritation. Don’t skimp on the amounts and don’t let the cream soak in too much to leave a barrier film.
  • Vaseline, coconut oil or Monoï : Their fatty fillet also forms a protective barrier on your skin to counteract irritation.
  • Why not use talcum powder?, to overcome this phenomenon? This well-known powder is not just for babies. Just sprinkle it on the inside of your thighs to reduce chafing and burns.

Only downside, to be effective, these solutions must be renewed regularly! So keep logistics in mind before deciding.

Betting on strategic underwear:

  • shorties, or cyclists are fashionable, and that’s a good thing! Under a skirt or dress, they will be your best allies for walking comfortably in the heat of summer. You can find them in all colors (flesh, white, black, flashy blue, etc.) in all sizes and at all prices. Choose a model that won’t slip or stick out of your outfit.
  • Anti-friction Adhesive Strips, more discreet than cyclists, can be terribly effective. They are placed at the level of the thighs, exactly where you usually notice the friction. These accessories are designed to allow perspiration to pass through and are normally large enough to cover a large part of your thighs. They are also available in different colors and more widths.

When it’s already too late and the sweat has done its job, a few tips will help relieve irritation and burns. Objective ? Limit the damage. Gently clean the irritated areas with clean water and then apply a soothing cream to create a protective layer and nourish the weakened skin. Repeat the operation as often as necessary to relieve the pain and avoid residual stains.

You can also bet on l’aloe vera gel, to be applied to the whole area concerned. This plant is known for its soothing and restorative effect. It will help to heal better. St. John’s wort oil, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing can also be helpful!

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