SOCCER – AC Amiens (b): Fifteen minutes seals the last

Absolutely, it will be said that nothing would smile on the AC Amiens reserve this season. At the front of the break she took on the water in fifteen minutes and eventually lost 2-4 to Nogent.

Faced with an opponent who had to save his skin, you’d think the lack of motivation would show, but like the previous encounters, the Amiens didn’t want to make up for the numbers. They were present at the impact and remained high in the Nogent camp. But exposed themselves to disadvantages. So it was on a ill-adjusted backpass from Nkounkou that Soldado jumped but went too far and found the small net (9′). The Amiens for their part turned, but struggled to be very sharp as an attack next toAssele (16′) and a face to face ill-negotiated by Nkounkou allowing the opposing team’s keeper to grab the ball in his race (20′).

The environment of the half hour of play was even representative of this first period, with a long transverse on a transition that niang in a good position for a harmless attack for Ibakombo (30′) and then, across the field, two dangerous balls into the area to Nkounkou and Mr Ramla without succeeding in hitting, the last city lacks spontaneity and chooses the hook (31′). But if Boutaleb put his recovery from a corner into the small net, the reaction of Moreirawith a diving head on a cross from the left of A. Ramla, finally hit (1-0, 39′

But soon the locals received two warning shots. First a goal from Soldado with a bad exit by Ibakombo refused for offside (42′) then a one-two between Soldado and Aubert ends with a shot from the penalty spot that led Ibakombo out before coming back for a final off-target attempt (45′). Amiens, author of A Fairly Satisfying Rest Despite Reservations from Yohane Moreira“In the beginning we were a bit more into the game, we put three or four ball contacts on the elimination of a player, so we knew how to make the difference. But we were quickly exhausted, on the counterattacks we were not replaced, it hurt. †

AC Amiens sinks in minutes

And when they come back from the locker room, the Amiens come back listless. And are immediately punished. Soldier strikes, Aubert follows and equalizes (1-1, 46′† And after another chance from Soldado (49′), the pattern repeats: Boutaleb’s shot pushed back Soldado which concludes (1-2, 52′† And the setbacks are linked when Moreira makes a corner mistake in the game, causing Nogent a punishment ThatAubert transform (1-3, 59′“We return as dilettantes, we return to our performance, we think the game is fairly under control.”so lamented the local coach. And they come back with good intentions. Faced with our youth and inexperience, it was a bull’s eye. When you concede two goals so quickly, it’s psychologically complicated. †

After this nightmarish period, the Samarians resumed the thread of the meeting, first thanks to a low free kick from Moreira with difficulty repelled by Larive (60′). But the rebellion lacks sharpness once it’s time to end and leaves room. mpo thus manages to present himself against Ibakombo who deflects for a corner (72′). Thereafter Aubert slips while hitting (73′) and Karagnara trips over the door (75′). At the same time, Amiens finally manages to be dangerous, despite better control, only by Assele at the resumption of a central defender from Mr Ramla, just next door (74′).

But finally, for once, a decor is beneficial to the locals. On the second ball, Assele . serves Mr Ramla on the left hooking his vis-à-vis to defeat Larive in a tight corner (2-3, 78′† Back in the game, the Amiens accelerated again, but .’s attack Mr Ramla, surface entrance served by Bendjedou, ends up in the niche (79′). And by discovering each other, they leave spaces. Abdullah can’t find the frame (90’+1), mposerved by Karagnara after a large number of the latter, encountered Ibakombo (90’+3) and finally left Tientcheu, Abdullah crucifies the Samarian keeper to validate the Nogent victory (2-4, 90’+4† And so another defeat for AC Amiens (b)

Low expectations but a touch of disappointment

A setback that Yohane Moreira takes with fatalism: “It was a good start, but we were true to ourselves. Anyway, I wasn’t expecting much from it. † It must be said that as usual we had to compose in a limited group, and where the 56th and 57th players of this seasonAssale and Bendjedou. “We are still opening the score” he pointed out. But, he thought, “Towards the end of the game, because I don’t think we have any clear opportunities. †

And after a tidal wave when? ‘Nogent came back in the second half with different intentions’it was finally there that Amiens’ reservation pleased his coach the most: “In the second we had more stages of play, from construction, in single play, with one or two touches of the ball. i asked for easier to play and faster in the second. we posed interesting game stages† † But also not come to a conclusion, “If you go all out, you forget to defend and you take counter† †

So it’s a last outing that ends with a 13th defeat of the season. But if ” That’s too bad, […] it does not change our destiny. † Who will evolve into? R3 next season together with other teams from the metropolis of Amiens (RC Amiens, Amiens Pigeonnier, Camon (b)). Until then, “We are slowly starting to prepare for next season, we are going to take a step back and attack again” start of July† † To start on a better foundation.

AC Amiens (b) – VS Nogent : 2-4 (1-0)

Goals: Moreira (39′), Mr. Ramla (78′) for Amiens; Aubert (46′, 59′), Soldado (52′), Addala (90’+4) for Nogent

AC Amiens (b) : Ibakombo – Bekka, Gabert, Tientcheu, A. Ramla – Midagov, El Fanity – Nkounkou, Moreira, M. Ramla, Assele

Incoming: Bendjedou

Morgan Chaumier
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne (archive) – Gazette Sports

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