Sex Education Season 4: Oops, this cast member reveals new information about the sequel to the hit Netflix series!

Sex Education is an English series created by Laurie Nunn and first aired on January 11, 2019 secure netflix in the whole world. Immediately after its release, the series was a huge success with over 40 million views worldwide 28 days after broadcast† Combining education, pedagogy and humor, this series stands out from the crowd through sequences of a high sensitivity† A fourth season has been announced since fall 2021, but in January Netflix announced that production has unfortunately been postponed. Filming may not even have started yet…

The trailer for the fourth season hasn’t been released yet, but here’s something to refresh your memory:

(Source: Netflix France)

Moving, educational and without cliché

Sex education reflects the daily life of young people Otis Milburn who lives with his mother Jeans, a famous sexologist who publishes scientific works. The latter, a little too pushy, wants to help her son blossom in his sexuality. on his side Otis is still a virgin and has trouble masturbating.

In high school, Otis is bullied by a bully (Adam Groff) who eventually turns out to have ejaculation problems. Adam then decides to heed the advice of Otis, who only gives what he could hear from his mother during the consultations at home.

Maeve Wiley, the high school rebel, overhears Otis’ “clandestine consultations” and offers him to set up a sexology practice in high school. Then there are twists and turns and a burgeoning love affair between the two friends.

The Departure of Maeve and the End of Mordale

Remember that season 3 ended with a lot of events. Jean is on the brink of death, finally Otis’ sister is born and his mother remains safe and sound.
Maeve meanwhile announces her departure to Otis to go study in the US in a very good school.

It’s this scene that announced the series’ official Instagram account the return of sex education for a season 4

With the last words, Otis and Maeve exchange:

“So goodbye”, “No, goodbye”.

This is something to reassure fans and ensure the return of the series!

A letter relationship? Another divorce for Jean?

Several questions remain unanswered in light of the Season 3 finale. Will Jean confess: Jacob Nymanher companion, then the little girl she gave birth to (Joy) is not his? For now, nothing confirms this hypothesis, but Jean’s annoyed look at reading the… DNA results says enough.

Maeve and Otis stay together and start a long distance relationship † Can this work?

But above all, what will become of it? Mordale † Remember, destructive Heap, the new principal of the school who had become too strict, the school lost its investors. Will the new season be all about saving the school?

A long-awaited season 4

At least what we officially know is that the series has been renewed for a season 4. The series’ official twitter account had also announced the September 25, 2021 with this photo:

The actor Asa Butterfield who embodies the young Otis on the screen has also entrusted the newspaper digital spy that in reality the fourth season had been much delayed due to the pandemic.

We haven’t started filming yet. But we plan to start filming soon. And that’s about all I can say.

This is enough to keep us waiting, it seems unlikely that season 4 will hit our screens in 2022. On the other hand, we can see the return of our favorite teenagers for the beginning of the year 2023
For now, nothing seems to announce that this season will be the last, despite the statements by Aimee Lou Wood

It will have to come to an end, which is a shame, but I also feel that you should always leave the fans wanting more.

All that remains is to follow the following information about the series!

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