Security Council concerned about increased activity of armed groups in eastern DRC

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Since 2018, WFP and FAO have been conducting a joint resilience project in South Kivu province. Project consisting of helping households in the four territories to strengthen their food security and nutrition. These are the areas of Kalehe, Uvira, Walungu and Mwenga. The KFW, a German development bank, is the main lender of this project with an envelope of up to $150 million. A delegation from this bank carried out an evaluation mission from 14 to 18 May. Resilience Program Coordinator at the World Food Programme, WFP, Azzura Chiarini, spoke to Cynthias Bashizi Nabizana about this project. Watch this interview.

News in brief

*Let’s start with North Kivu, 60 people, mostly women and vulnerable girl mothers from the areas of Sake, Nyiragongo and the city of Goma, have benefited from professional training in tailoring, hairdressing and agriculture since 10 May 2022. This is a joint Monusco-NGO COFEVAM project. COFEVAM which means: Cooperative of women who live around and in mining areas. It was the head of the Monusco/Goma office, Laila Bourhil, who officially gave the go-ahead for this three-month training. The project is part of the United Nations Mission to Reduce Community Violence Program.

**Let’s stay in the same region in eastern DRC by going to Uvira in South Kivu. Some fifty people from this area and from Fizi-Itombwe took part a few days ago in a series of inter-Community consultations to prevent violence and develop peace-building initiatives in these regions. It was initiated by the Civil Affairs Department of MONUSCO, in conjunction with the South Kivu provincial government. In addition to civil administrative authorities, representatives of the defense and security forces, civil society, young people and representatives of local ethnic communities, ordinary heads also took part in these consultations.

***Finally, the same Civil Affairs Department of MONUSCO here in Kinshasa facilitated an awareness session in the Municipality of Lemba to strengthen the resilience of communities and improve their ability to prevent and respond to threats and incidents that weigh heavily on the protection of civilians . This activity is one of the awareness and coaching sessions for local protection actors that the section is organizing on June 3 in priority neighborhoods in ten municipalities in Kinshasa.


MAG UN guest this Sunday is the director of the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office (UNJHRO), Abdoul Aziz Thioye, who was on a working mission to Uvira, in South Kivu, last week. In particular, he met different parts of Monusco to discuss protection issues and the situation of military operations in the middle and high plateaus of Uvira, Fizi and Mwenga. Abdoul Aziz Thioye speaks with Rosalie Zawadi…

News from the province

On the way to Gemena, in Sud-Ubangi: UNICEF had allocated an envelope of about 30 thousand dollars in 2018 for the reproduction of textbooks. Last Tuesday, the file was the subject of stormy discussions in the provincial assembly about an alleged misappropriation of this amount by the provincial director of the EPST / Sud-Ubangi. Paul Richard Malengela, report…

Ask the United Nations

Should members of armed groups be integrated into the FARDC, yes or no, to ensure peace? Why does the Security Council disagree? Monusco spokesperson Mathias Gillmann answered this question at the United Nations press conference on Wednesday, May 18, 2022.


Some appointments to note for the week that begins:

-01 June, it’s Wednesday: World Parents Day;

June 4: International Day of Innocent Child Victims of Aggression;

-05 June: World Environment Day.

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