Interview. Football. Vincent Hébert, manager of AS Cherbourg: “A difficult season that ends well…”

The emotion and relief of Hugo Cardet and Édouard Hélaine at the end of the meeting, on May 28, 2022, testify to the difficulties AS Cherbourg (Manche) faced in obtaining their maintenance at the end of the 2021-2022 season.

Vincent HebertAS manager Cherbourg (Round), is expressed after the victory of his men, May 28, 2022for you Évreux (1-0).

News: It’s a beautiful Saturday night we attended…

Vincent Hebert: It was a beautiful evening. We have already beaten the leader. This Évreux team is a really great team. We saw it again tonight (May 28, 2022, editor’s note). It is a victory that gives pleasure. But at the end of the game we learned that maintenance had been won with Caen’s draw against Plabennec. It’s a really strong feeling. I’m not going to say it equates to a climb, but it’s a strong feeling.

There were moods during the game…

HV: We have not discussed the results of the National 2. I was told that during halftime. I had previously asked not to hear anything. During the game we decided to play anyway. And then moving on to the dynamics that we’ve been working on for a while. We had to enjoy ourselves a bit, if possible by going for an honorary victory over the leader.

Youness Sabri, defender of AS Cherbourg.
Youness Sabri, defender of AS Cherbourg. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)
Victor Pelleray, all smiles.
Victor Pelleray, all smiles. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)
Jean-Paul Kumbi, very lucky and decisive goalscorer.
Jean-Paul Kumbi, very lucky and decisive goalscorer. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)
President Gerard Gohel, relieved.
President Gerard Gohel, relieved. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)
Vincent Hébert was fulfilling his maintenance mission when the situation was bad embarking.
Vincent Hébert was fulfilling his maintenance mission when the situation was bad embarking. (©Nadine DJEBBAR)

The players started well…

HV: It was just like Quevilly last week. We had a good first half, with many clear chances. I was a little worried that the scenario would repeat itself in the second place. That was the conversation at halftime. We changed our management habits during the break to avoid last week’s decompression. The context was different, but we handled it well, even though the week was still disrupted by many absences and injuries. It’s true it was complicated. This maintenance is a great relief.

The players didn’t seem paralyzed by the challenge?

HV: For three months we insisted that it was not over. We trusted them. Since February I’ve always said that we watch the matches one by one. So there was no need to ask questions. Even when we had a draw, we had to stay positive until the end. We have taken step by step. We had to take a rest after a start to the season that did not meet our expectations.

“We had to stay positive until the end…”

And then, given the results of the evening, you pass Dives with the specific target average…

HV: I didn’t know it yet, but that’s good. After that we have one match left in Saint-Lô. We’re not going to say the rankings are anecdotal, but I’d like to keep this place. This emphasizes the work of all players and the staff. To be honest, we had a tough season and luckily it ended well. You don’t have to hide it. There have been so many parameters since the start of the season. I will not list them again.

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Exactly, about the staff, you managed to stay very united…

HV: It is true that this will have been one of our strengths. And I would like to thank Matthieu (Travers), Anthony (Valognes), Jean-Marie (Élie), Cyriac (Corbin), without forgetting Florent (Sauvey) who came to lend us a hand. We really stayed together.

Gérard Gohel, president of AS Cherbourg

“It’s really the relief after a complicated season. If we do the math, we have to finish in the top five on the way back. This means we were out of place. We had to deal with all the injuries and suspensions. The principal with this attitude was saved. This club should be able to live more or less normally. †

Are you finally calm?

HV: I am relieved. I was a little more like this this week. We are finally going to have a quieter evening in Picquenot…

Interview by Bruno BOULLE

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