Football. R1, R2, R3: the standard team of the season in Nord-Finistère – Regional football (Nord-Finistère): the weekend team

Guardian: Fontaine, a safe bet

Regularly during the season, the Landernéen Antoine Fontaine logically settles in the cage, where his qualities are emphasized. For his first season on the banks of the Élorn, coming from Milizac, this veteran goalkeeper confirmed that he had an extraordinary kick-start and great ease in the air. In short, a safe bet.

Also holders twice this season, Charreteur (Santec), Coroller (Plabennec B), Benmouna (AS Brestoise) and Fekir (AS Guilers).

Defence: a quartet behind

The place from the right goes to Joris Cozian, twice holder in this position. His ease in multiplying races and his offensive and defensive contribution helped the Guipavasian reserve clear every weekend in R2.

The central hinge looks great with the presence of Jordan Le Roux (Saint-Thégonnec), Tom Philip (Plouvorn) and Burama Diocou (AS Brestoise), three for two positions. Never hesitant to go to the duel, Le Roux, through his serenity, his recovery skills and his sense of anticipation, contributed a lot to his training. The same can be said of the very young (18) Philip, who quickly made his mark in the first team from his debut before his return to the club. Diocou, meanwhile, was key in ASB’s rise to R2.

Barbero (Landerneau) and Mane (Guipavas)?? could have been in that eleven too.

The place from the left goes to Sébastien Le Bonhomme (Carantec / Henvic), twice holder. His quality of free kicks and his athletic profile made him a strong element of the Léonarde formation.

Midfielder: Le Borgne imposes

Ianis Le Borgne (Gouesnou), an excellent ball collector, always skilful in his way of dispensing them to his teammates, becomes the defensive manager in the middle alongside Julien Kerlidou (Lesneven)?. They are ahead of Le Vot (Plouvorn) by a short lead.

No discussion to choose the two attacking players from this environment, both Argan Hilarion (Plouvorn) and Maxime Kerguillec (Plouvien) have extinguished the competition this season. Their perfect reading of the game, their devastating technical touch, their propensity to make the right choices and their ease in front of the cage make them stand out from the crowd without any effort.

Attack: a hellish trio in the foreground

Four attackers stand out because they have undermined the opposing team’s nets this season. Farid Raïs, handyman on Saint-Martin-des-Champs’ front line, carried his team all season long, making his opponents dizzy.

The fighter Nathan Madec (Guipavas), who has undoubtedly learned a lot alongside his former Saint-Martin team-mate, also hurt the opponents very much, with a striking quality to show in football schools.

Jérémy Le Peillet (Plougastel), whose regularity and address in front of goal make him an essential part of his training, also makes a place for himself in this team, as does Romain Toanen (Coataudon), while Paugam (AS Brestoise) on the door despite the great season.

How the teams of the season were put together

Throughout the season, on the Monday after each day of the championship, Le Télégramme has offered you its four weekend teams, composed by our approximately fifty football correspondents in Nord-Finistère, Sud-Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor and Morbihan.

Regional 1, Regional 2 and Regional 3 fans from each zone had 22 chances (22 days) to sneak into the dream eleven! And the best of you have appeared up to six times this season! But the criterion of the number of nominations – priority, of course – was not enough to appear in the team of the year. The player had to be available to participate in the FAB Cup, the Telegram weekend teams’ grand final, on June 18 in Rostrenen. We also had to respect the multitude of clubs and levels (R1, R2 and R3) represented in the last four teams.

Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 have their UNFP trophies, our Foot Amateur Brittany site, which wants to talk about “both amateurs and pros”, now has its FAB Cup with its teams of the season. Do you validate them?

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Football.  R1, R2, R3: the standard team of the season in Nord-Finistère

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