Fashion Trucks, when fashion comes to you

What is a fashion truck?

Some buy old trucks and turn them into Food Trucks. They roam the squares, markets or festivals to offer culinary specialties of all kinds throughout Belgium. Fashion trucks are based on the same principle, except that instead of fries or pasta there are clothes and fashion accessories. The truck is transformed into a sales area that drives everywhere.

Photo: The corner of the cliquottes

An almost unprecedented concept in Belgium

If fashion trucks are already well established in the United States, Canada or in cities like London, in Belgium it is a relatively recent concept. There are very few left, but the idea seems to be slowly taking root.
Four years ago, Céline Scholinckx founded Start Style, her clothing store. Since April 28, her business has expanded and she has embarked on the crazy adventure of the fashion truck. A dream come true for this driven young entrepreneur. And she’s not the only one to take the plunge in 2022. At the end of March, Audrey Ganser and her husband, Jérôme Servais, a couple from Waismes, also decided to diversify their online sales activities through their fashion truck called “The Corner of the Clink”.

Photo: The corner of the cliquottes

Much more than a point of sale

The desire to create something bigger than a simple boutique has been in Céline’s mind for a long time: “ The idea came to me after a trip to London. There the shops sold dreams, I wanted to sell a few too
The idea of ​​the fashion truck is not just to offer clothes to customers, but to provide a real experience. †It’s not just about selling clothes in a truck, but also fitting in the cab, going on a girl trip in a girly setting, or treating yourself to a private shopping event.”, explains Céline, who wants to make every moment at Start Style unique.
Audrey and Jérôme want to stand out with their fashion truck: “The idea was born during the incarceration. She made her happy way to offer something different, not to act like everyone else† When you go to a fashion truck, you discover the benefits of shopping in stores while experiencing something new. With this concept you can fill your dressing room almost anywhere, in a parking lot, in a garden, in the middle of the street, the possibilities are endless.

Photo: Celine Scholinckx

Fashion that travels everywhere, according to your wishes

The idea of ​​the fashion trucks is to be able to move around Belgium and offer clothes. Start Style is currently located in Shopping Cora in Rocourt from 9am to 8pm. In July, Céline turns off the engine to participate in a festival and in September she offers her services for a birthday. The fashion truck is therefore available for both public and private events: “I accept everything that is offered to me and that corresponds to the image I want to return. It can be sales like corporate events“, Céline specifies. Ultimately, the young entrepreneur wants to make two or three fashion trucks that are present at the same time in several places, even very far away.

Photo: Celines Scholinckx

Girly evenings and Shopping party

For their part, Audrey and Jérôme roam the markets of the Waismes region. But a few days ago, they officially launched girls’ evenings and retail parties for individuals. †We will take our van to your home, business, beauty salon,… and make it available to you for two hours. You don’t have to do anything but invite your friends, colleagues, cousins, neighbors… we’ll take care of the rest! Of course we also have to guarantee a place where we can park. In addition, we bring small sweet and savory treats”, explain Audrey and Jérôme on their Facebook page.
The idea of ​​fashion trucks is therefore to offer infinitely customizable moments and adapt them to customers. Don’t feel like going to the store? Worry no more, the store will come to you!

Photo: The corner of the cliquottes

For more information, find here Start Style and the angle of the cliquottes:

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