Behind the scenes of PDM: Aid to Ukraine


By Félix Lapointe, Minister of Communications of the PDM Student Council

Published on May 30, 2022 by In Media

This year the Student Council Polyvalente des Monts has outdone itself! This council functions as a kind of government, with a prime minister and a deputy prime minister in addition to ministers. The council represents the students of the Polyvalente and has carried out major projects within the school this year.

The student council of the Polyvalente des Monts has been mobilized to support the Ukrainians affected by the war. (Photo courtesy)


The Student Council functions as a mini-government. The latter is administered and administered by students who are elected by the rest of the school’s students. Students wishing to be a part of the council must deliver a speech to the students of their respective level. Then the whole school is voted to choose three students per level from the candidates. Lorsque tous les membres ont été élus, une deuxième élection, cette fois-ci par les élus seulement, a lieu afin d’élire les ministres de différents committees, le premier ministre et son vice-premier ‘branch. During the year, the student council makes decisions about school life in consultation with the management.


One of the major student council projects this year deserves our attention. In April 2022, while a war of imperialism and looting raged (and still rages) in Ukraine, the student council decided to organize a pajama day in Ukraine’s honor. During the day, student council members went on a class tour to raise two dollars from the participants. The money raised was donated to the Red Cross to help Ukrainians. Donation boxes were also sent to Ukraine, where you could store non-perishable food and clothing. Thank you for your support of the Ukrainian people.

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