SOCCER: Saint-Sernin surprised by La Charité

The San-Serninois failed to make themselves dangerous against physically superior Nivernais in front of a large crowd and the entire football school of the club.

It must be recognized if necessary, La Charité, equal for this match, is physically strong and not alone! It is strong both technically and in terms of speed, the Charitois have nothing to envy to the local will-o’-the-wisp, the Tracol (brothers), the Moscato or other Marchal (brothers).
We can add that it is a tough team, in short! The word is out, a team, you know, what a lot of clubs say, “We, our team, it’s a family!” » or « We formed a group of friends, we would go to the end of the world together, we will never let go, never… ».

Sorry to break the myth, but La Charité breaks all these platitudes, or sweeps aside the effects of preconceived announcements. An example ? When we ask one of his teammates to confirm the name of the only goalscorer of the match, he replies: “Yes, it’s 9, I don’t know his name, but it’s him! The team, the family, the group of friends in a family club, blah blah.
At La Charité, the players may not all know each other, but it is tough: the passes come to the feet, the handling is perfect, we never panic in the defense, we raise well and we win the duels without forcing, we push the plug out who comes in Saône-et-Loire to a single substitute, who returns after 10 minutes, because one of his teammates has thrown (another great example).
The famous sofa ad would say “Here you go”.
Inevitably we ask ourselves: but how come these dudes are 10th in the standings (before this match), with the same number of points as their hosts of the day?
And there we have to recognize the work of the club, the technical staff, of JB Géreau. Saint-Sernin doesn’t have all the charitable talents to play well in the National, but Saint-Sernin has this soul, this courage and this self-sacrifice that has closed the gap between not only La Charité, but almost all other group teams.
The game.
Despite everything, the day was a party for the club. The “C” had just formalized its attendance to Division 2, the entire football school was there to let the players in and there were inevitably people all over the stadium. Coming at the age of 12, La Charité quickly lost a striker, Youssouf Ali, to a breakdown and had to manage his efforts to finish the match. As often this season, the locals attacked from the sides, it was Karl Moscato who opened hostilities, in the 26th mm, his powerful center is perfect and the recovery of his vis-à-vis, Matteo Tracol, is beautiful, but not framed. A minute later, the latter is pushed into the area, but the referee, ideally placed, does not whistle a penalty.
It is on the first real offensive that the visitors score. Pape Thimsane, a formidable technician, steals the ball in midfield and launches Reda Mounir who overtakes the defense and cheats Sabri Abich. 0-1 in the 32nd.
La Charité pressed again just before half-time, it was a rise from left back, Steven Jeaunet, who caused panic among the violets, turning his center into a treacherous shot that Sabri Abich managed to avert.
At halftime, La Charité led 1-0.
De Nivernais will also ask for a penalty, once the restart, for a foul on Reda Mounir, decides too soon, and then leave the ball to the San-serninois. The latter will try, with courage, as always, especially by shooting from a distance (Primon, 50th and 62nd, Moscato, 64th and Marchal, 66th), but nothing will work. A last banderilla on the last gong, a corner with a brave captain Sabri Abich who does not hesitate to go up and the referee whistles the end of the match. 0-1 for charity.
This match gives the idea of ​​the kind of season Saint-Sernin has achieved, what kind of exploits the purple has achieved to maintain itself. We add that the “B” and the “C” will be playing upstairs next year and we can safely say: congratulations to everyone. Everybody.

Vincent Brucce
In Saint-Sernin-du-Bois, La Charité beats Saint-Sernin 1-0 (1-0)

Referees, Messrs Steve Rivière, Alexandre Morais and Anthony Lambert.
Saint Sernin: Abich©, Marchal Kevin, Lecou, ​​​​​Grousson, Cali, Demirel, Moscato, Marcahl Anthony, Primon, Va, Tracol Matteo, Guere Koyazande, Maziz and Tracol Antonin.
Charity: Morette, Amalensie, Jeaunet, Tandia, Kanazoe, Sibidé, Diarra, Rachadi, Mounir, Thiombane©, Ali, Magassa. Coach: Adams Kola
Jean Baptiste Gereau : “A game at the end of the season, without intensity, without commitment, no offensive. We score a goal when they lose the ball that has been played very well on their part, and then we get into trouble. In the game we can do nothing for the last thirty meters, we will get the ball out well, we play well on the ground, we also find the relays, but once we are in front there is nothing left. Obviously there is a lack, I don’t know which one, for next season’s coach to find it. †

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