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To return to the large touring car category after a four-year absence, Citroën has pulled out all the stops and developed an unprecedented strategy. The first pillar of this was not to renew yet another conventional three-box. As a result, his amazing C5 X sails between the sedan and adventurer station wagon worlds. Long (4.81 m), higher than the average and with a spectacular stern, the new Chevrons car appears to be unclassifiable for the time being† But more than a silhouette, this offspring of the C5 and C6 is above all a formidable travel machine.

What do the French think of the new C5 X?

In an interior less original than its body, the French car was extremely well received. Gigantic space, well-designed front seats and bench seat, ergonomics that are easy to understand, because with still enough space for physical controls, you will quickly feel at ease. And the C5 X to transform the test by providing amazing suspension comfort, without falling into the bubble gum caricature† Motoring enthusiasts will not necessarily find their happiness, but it is necessary to underline an unexpected dynamism of this large sedan that outperforms its brother C5 Aircross, for example. Only weak point, materials that do not always get away with the height of the category, even if the mounting remains serious. And then Citroën knows how to be forgiven with competitive prices. At the center of this flattering picture remains the excavation of the right engine.

A not clumsy plug-in hybrid

If you are interested in the Citroën sedan, know that the choice will be made quickly, because the choice is surprisingly limited. Even if a diesel would have been perfectly adequate for this mile-eater, the Chevrons have taken the gamble of doing without.† So it is necessary to make its market between the PureTech 130, PureTech 180 and the rechargeable 225 hp hybrid. On the latter, Citroën does not really distinguish itself from the competition. The electric autonomy does not refer, but is sufficient if you live about twenty kilometers from your workplace to make the round trip. Or, better yet, to recharge at the office… Especially since this “plug-in”, despite being 300 kg too heavy compared to PureTech, does not consume much more and has good performance in terms of pick-up and acceleration.† But the price, of course, remains high: at least €44,950 in the mid-range Feel Pack finish, of which you have to withdraw €1,000 in bonuses that are valid until June 30.

Measured electric range of the C5 X plug-in hybrid

  • Autonomy city: 44 km
  • Autonomy road: 38 km
  • Autonomy highway: 36 km

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Two PureTechs, two atmospheres

If you don’t have access to a charging point at home or at work, the PureTech 130 and 180 are a much better fit for you. Despite modest power, the smallest PureTech may be enough for the C5 X† If the sensations of acceleration are not great, our times confirm that the small 3-cylinder 1.2 turbo 130 hp does it with honor, especially since the French contain its weight (1460 kg). Above all, it makes it possible to control the price of the Citroën road car and, if not for a somewhat cheap Feel finish, opt for a Feel Pack of €35,400 in addition to a small fine of €210.

But if you can afford it, the PureTech 180 is much better suited to the C5 X. On the one hand, there’s a more comfortable power reserve when overtaking, especially when the car is loaded, but this 4-cylinder 1.6 turbo is especially better suited for its smoothness and quietness during the acceleration phases, where the PureTech 130 shows this scraper side and this sound that is typical of its architecture, but that crashes under the hood of a grand tourer. More powerful and with more torque, the PureTech 180 is not more greedy, in fact it is the opposite. It is therefore he who wins our favours, every idea of ​​prize apart† Because it will cost you at least €40,500,- because this engine is only available in the Shine version.

The measured performance and fuel consumption of the Citroën C5 X

Measure PureTech 130 PureTech 180 Hybrid 225
Measure0 to 100 km/h PureTech 13010.4s PureTech 1808.8s Hybrid 2259 seconds
Measure80 to 120 km/h PureTech 1307.4s PureTech 1805.3s Hybrid 2254.6s
Measureurban consumption PureTech 1308.4l/100km PureTech 1808.1l/100km Hybrid 2258.1l/100km
Measureroad usage PureTech 1307.4l/100km PureTech 1807.1l/100km Hybrid 2257.4l/100km
MeasureHighway consumption PureTech 1307.4l/100km PureTech 1807.4l/100km Hybrid 2258.1l/100km
MeasureAverage consumption PureTech 1307.8l/100km PureTech 1807.6L/100km Hybrid 2257.8l/100km

Note that the consumption of the rechargeable hybrid version is measured with the battery at the minimum charge threshold.

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