“I didn’t think I’d go this far”

In 2019, the child Nour was eliminated during the battles of the sixth edition of The Voice Kids. She is coached by Soprano. The rapper then claims that his level allows him to compete with adults.

Nour patiently until she was 16, the age that allowed her to try her luck in The Voice “adults”, and resumed the path of blind auditions. She appropriates Daniel Balavoine’s “Tous les cris les SOS”. A song that is difficult to interpret, but the candidate has an idea behind her head: “It’s the favorite song of Soprano, my former coach in The Voice Kids. I wanted to wink at him and thank him for giving me advice that made me feel more confident,” she explains.

This year, the teenager is crowned the best voice in France thanks to the guidance of Florent Pagny, weakened by illness and the record holder of The Voice winners. It is that the young girl, encouraged by her grandmother, takes singing lessons for a year. During her blind audition, she lets the four coaches return. Nour has had enough of music, her mother is a saxophonist. At the age of four, she accompanied him to rehearsal sessions.

“My victory is not fair.”

Nour’s vocal strength comes from Arabic sounds, of which the Moroccan father is no stranger: “His musical influences are very varied thanks to the input of his father. She has absorbed both sides and integrates this oriental side into her music,” says her mother.

A few days before the final, Nour loses his voice and inevitably panics. His coach advises him to rest his vocal cords, not to sing until the big meeting. The young singer respects Pagny’s instructions and does not become famous during her three renditions: “I didn’t think I would go this far. I think my victory is not fair. The other candidates performed much better than me, who couldn’t give 100%. I’m starting to wonder if I deserved it. That’s why I didn’t really have a reaction when I won. I just didn’t understand why I was chosen,” she said some time after the results were announced.

However, his coach is adamant: “In all the seasons I’ve done, I’ve never had such a complete and perfect voice. The public, the only voter, places the singer on cloud nine in any case. Now that these beautiful words fall through the winner, a new life begins. The adventure begins with the production of a first album that tele-hook partner Universal takes on to produce.

On the last night, Nour covers “Vole” by Céline Dion and “Shallow” by Lady Gaga, two very technical songs. She also joined on stage Slimane, another winner of the show that gave Florent Pagny the win in 2016. They perform “Before you”, which the singer initially shares with Vitaa. A moment full of emotion. “He’s an artist that I love and have followed for a long time,” she says.

Florent Pagny “ends” in style

The spotlights come on and the schoolgirl’s daily life changes visibly. Does she plan to return to the leather sofas? Doubt is already well established: “School has become a bit of a hassle. Friends don’t charge me. The teachers tell me there’s no point in coming back to class anymore. ” These words, Nour holds them for the final it dedicates: ” I have decided not to set foot in high school until the end of the competition. †

Nowadays the choice of the little girl (1.81 m) to drive is a matter of family consultation, but the professional commitment is real. In doing so, she makes a happy coach Florent Pagny, who is suffering from lung cancer, who at the end of the final pronounces this sentence: “It’s nice to finish in style”, before adding: “It is true that in general the talents who come to explain to us that they had a good time because the people on this set are extraordinary. From technicians to musicians, production, all the people who accompany us. Well, this is a coach who has played for ten seasons, I am in my 11th year and I can tell you it’s the truth I just wanted to say that I really had a great time and I’m so glad I spent all this time with all these people so thank you all.”

When he has come full circle, he will have given Nour his last gift as coach for the French musical space and, why not, internationally… The lightning heralds the thunder, may the deluge of success be for this Moroccan of the world .

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