Frozen delicacies, a pure summer pleasure

MAGAZINE. As the beautiful season begins, the desire to enjoy frozen treats is resurfacing. The Drummondville area has many dairy bars and the team of sugar beasts from The Express Magazine has focused on a few, with the desire to discover the specialties of each.

The Ice Cream Merchant (tested by Cynthia Giguère-Martel)

André Courchesne starts his 15th season behind the counter of his dairy bar. I met him one rainy afternoon with his wife, very happy and proud to present his delights to me. After chatting, he offers me his specialty: poutine… frozen! this dessert

gourmand is of course made with ice cream of your choice and banana bread baked on site as chips. A maple, chocolate or caramel coulis and mini marshmallows sprinkle the dish. Everything is served in a waffle dish made with love by the owners. A true delight, well dosed in flavors and textures and not too sweet. There is a little story associated with this special dish, as Mr. Courchesne relates: “The Lemieux canteen was located in this building a long time ago. About five years ago I came up with the idea to give this reinvented poutine a nod to the canteen.

The owner of the Marchand de glace, André Courchesne, with his delicious frozen poutine. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

Le Marchand de glace also has a reputation for not being the icing on the ice cream sundae, but rather a candy. The kids love it and want more, smile the owners.


Presentation ****

Price ***

Choice *****

Taste *****

2130 Lemire Boulevard, Drummondville

Gervais Ruel’s fruitlush stays fresh for a long time. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

La Craving (tested by Ghyslain Bergeron)

Gervais Ruel is the oldest owner of a dairy bar in the region. He has been at the head of La Fringale for three decades. Completely rebuilt in 2005, the dairy bar is located in the heart of the village, on route 122, in Saint-Germain.

In addition to the usual frozen treats, Mr. Ruel Fruit Slush, a drink that falls somewhere between a slush and a smoothie. Berries (strawberries, raspberries, blackberries) are added to the slush before liquefying them in a blender. The frozen drink is tasty and ideal for long-term refreshment, because the product stays fresh for a very long time.

Moreover, a dip of milk chocolate, with a spicy touch, will surprise more than once. Note, the taste is unique and ideal for foodies.


Presentation ***

Price ***

Choice *****

Taste *****

223 route 122, Saint-Germain-de-Grantham

Joannie Lacharité presents here the two avalanches tested by L’Express Magazine and another popular product, the creamy BubbleTea. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

Avalanche dairy bar (tested by Louis-Philippe Samson)

Joannie Lacharité acquired Bar laitier Avalanche three years ago. As of this summer, his establishment is the only one in the greater Drummondville region to offer soft serve ice cream from the Coaticook dairy. The specialty is the Avalanche: a combination of soft serve ice cream and sweets or fruit. The Express was able to test both formulas.

Firstly, the marriage of raspberries and Belgian chocolate with 70% cocoa in a vanilla cream was a success. The raspberry sugar naturally reduces the bitterness of the chocolate. Then the combination of bits of Kit Kat, cookie dough, and vanilla cream was enough to delight the sweet tooth. The Avalanche dairy bar is without a doubt a must in the Drummondville area.


Presentation ***

Price ***

Choice ****

Taste ****

475 Saint-Joseph Boulevard West, Drummondville

Choco Daisy (tested by Emmanuelle LeBlond)

Choco Daisy is Drummondville’s reference for dipped ice cream. The chocolate factory offers 15 varieties that are both original and varied. There is something for everyone! All recipes have been devised and tested by the team to offer a quality product. One of the newest additions to the menu is the Sponge Pump Milk Chocolate Dip. The chocolate layer has just the right thickness and the biscuit topping provides a crispy edge. The company is located in the city center, which is an ideal stop during a

An ice cream cone dipped in milk chocolate with a sponge toffee. (Photo Ghyslain Bergeron)

walk outside. Ice cream sandwiches, frozen yogurt and gelatos are also available on site. In addition, the chocolate factory has a shop. Why not take the opportunity to stock up on sweet treats?






152 rue Heriot, Drummondville

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