Football – Region 2: The MFC-TG must not spoil

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Two days after the end, the Montalbanais have their fate in their hands. With two successes, the rise in Regional 1 would be in the pocket for Chaib Ouali’s troop.

MFC / TG-Aussonne, today Sunday, at 3 pm, in Montauban (Jean Verbeke complex). Referees: Mr Lukas Gabin, assisted by Ms Anna Rodrigues Mendes, and Mr Farik Touaref.

“Aussonne comes to Montauban with a knife between his teeth.” These were the words of coach Chaib Ouali the day after the all-bonus operation following his team’s victory over Tournefeuille (1-4). Biars Bretenoux hooked up to his land at the Cadurciens, opening the door to the Méfécistes for direct access to Regional 1. But caution is advised on Ramier’s side. Between this reception, placed under the sign of maintenance for the suburbs of Toulouse and the last trip to Rodez, considered “random” by the méféciste technician, the road is traced, the groove dug to be sure of two successes which are undoubtedly needed to complete this season, which would then be classed as historic.

Making paper projections is out of the question for the time being; only the field will judge on the evening of the last day on the Ruthenian lawn. The Montalbanais are in a different configuration: from hunter, the group of Loïc Laincer passed in the situation of being hunted. The pressure has switched sides, but the motivation doesn’t seem to have changed the thirst of this misfelicitous team, ready to make some sacrifice to fulfill the dream meticulously maintained by chief engineer Chaib Ouali; a coach who seems to have built up an unshakable confidence, ready to share his certainties with his entire workforce. Faced with a team from Aussonne that may have lost more than three points on their lawn, to the astonishing Bressolais (0-3), the Méfécistes will certainly rely on their football, which is always based on collective organization and the patience that regularly makes the difference in the last fifteen minutes. This MFC-TG is a machine that has a lot of trouble with jamming; on the other hand, the suburbs of Toulouse struggle to keep their artillery in place (25 goals, 12th place), but can get some good shots like their recent successes in Rodez (1-2) and in Pradines (0-5). The Montalbanais won’t let go; this is the price to pay before going to the Ruthenian lair at the end of this oh-so-exciting championship.

The probable group: Tristan, Lasme, Feltin, Leclerc, Legardeur, Laincer, Andre, Selimi, Es Saoudy, Chaibi, Bernisson, M Bida, Frischmann, Vial.

The president of the MFC-TG Jean-Michel Malavelle makes a first estimate of the season

The MFC-TG must not spoil

The women of D2 finish their season on the podium (3rd); real satisfaction for you and for the whole club?

This third place is indeed a great satisfaction, even though I think in our crampons we had the opportunity to do better; our defeats to Nice, Yzeure, Rodez and Marseille at home were undeserved, not to mention the two points lost in Grenoble when we were leading 3-0. There are still a lot of points along the way that we may regret . Still, what a joy to watch this team evolve!

It’s the seniors’ turn to try, over 180 minutes and more, to keep this first place; your approach to the event?

I admire the mental strength of this team that was able to complete the beautiful course in the Coupe de France (which took a lot of energy) and this painful R2 championship in which all competitions are very difficult. Adding in Biars Bretenoux’s XXL performance, which has kept us under pressure since September, we can say we deserve this first place with two games to go; and the team is ready to make final efforts to achieve the stated goal of joining R1.

Seniors 2 go to Region 3, Seniors 3 go to Division 1; after the Coupe de France journey, is it (maybe) a historic end to the approaching season?

We also need to add the 2 division cup finals! It would indeed be wonderful to celebrate three entries and two cup wins, but there are still games to be won against quality opponents. Today, the chemistry is good around Chaib; the three senior teams and the U18s work very well with an complicity not always easy to come by and all credit goes to them. The role of the management team is to make every effort to allow them to evolve and progress in peace; this seems to me essential to succeed, even if it is sometimes not enough.

Anyone who has ever worn shorts and crampons knows that results cannot be determined and that there is only one winner at the end of a match, which does not mean the others are inefficient. However, we hope to hold onto this first place until the end of this remarkable season; the deadline is approaching.

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