the 4 projects waiting for Pap Ndiaye

The new Minister of National Education, Pap Ndiaye, will have to deal with an institution in crisis. His roadmap seems clear: “go further, go further” than what has already been done, as indicated by Elisabeth Borne on the day of his government’s appointment to TF1. “Pap Ndiaye is there because he shares with Jean-Michel Blanquer the goal of bringing excellence and equal opportunity to our children. And I think he embodies that.”declared the new prime minister.

The new Education Minister Pap Ndiaye will have to apply Emmanuel Macron’s program presented during the presidential campaign, one of his priorities is school. Increasing teachers’ salaries, making the profession more attractive, reintegrating mathematics into the common core of secondary schools, strengthening the autonomy of heads of institutions or reforming secondary vocational schools to make apprenticeship a sector to make of excellence, are all hot topics. Pap Ndiaye also took his first steps this week by hosting union representatives. He outlined his method, tried to reassure, but he will have to act quickly.

1. Increase Teacher Salaries

The increase in teacher salaries is “site number one”, according to all teacher unions. ‘Revaluation of teachers must be at the top’summarizes Sophie Vénétitay, general secretary of Snes-FSU, the first union for secondary schools.

During the debate between the two rounds, Emmanuel Macron announced that he wanted to increase teachers’ salaries so that there is “no more career start below 2,000 euros” per month, an increase according to him “on absolutely nothing”. This commitment would increase “about 10%” for teachers at the beginning of their career, he specified, without specifying a timetable. But the revaluation would rise to 20% for “those who go for the most innovative methods, by giving more freedom, in the field, to our teachers”.

For Guislaine David, general secretary of Snuipp-FSU, the first primary school union, “the wage issue will have to be discussed very quickly” because “there is urgent “We are waiting impatiently for a meeting with the minister and then for a consultation,” she said. According to the annual barometer of the Unsa Education Federationpublished last Monday 23 May86% of educators say they disagree with policy choices in their field in 2022, a decrease from 2016 (65%).

“It is really necessary to restore the relationship with the staff and calm things down“, said Secretary-General Frédéric Marchand. And “what emerges” from the expectations, “is the question of the salary increase”.

2. Make the job more attractive

Pap Ndiaye will also have to cover the topic: attraction of the teaching profession. It is inextricably linked to wage increases. “It is urgent to reassess the start of a career, but not just like that, and to revive a real recruitment policy to make the profession attractive again,” assured history professor Nicolas at the RTL microphone.

But the beginning of the government revaluation with the youngest teachers was not enough to attract more candidates for the competitions this year. The lack of eligible applicants is remarkable in mathematics, German, literature or for the functions of teachers, a consequence of a reform of the organization of competitions, but also and above all of a crisis in the attractiveness of the profession. Faced with this shortfall, the unions have called on the prime minister to: urgent measures. “Staff will be missing before the start of the 2022 school year,” they insisted.

For example, we count 180 are eligible for 219 teaching positions in schools in Paris, 521 for 1079 in Créteil and 484 for 1430 posts in Versailles. The Snalc union calls for him “questioning the Blanquer reform” which has generated horrific competitions”.

3. Reintegrate Mathematics Into High School Reform “From The Beginning Of The Next School Year”

Mathematics will return to the common core of the Premiere Class at the beginning of the next school yeara few days ago, Pap Ndiaye’s pastor, Jean-Michel Blanquer, assured criticism of the lack of this topic in the programs for many students after the high school reform.

According to the first results of the External Capes of Mathematics, only 816 candidates are eligible, for 1,035 positions. The former tenant on the rue de Grenelle wanted to reassure, claim that there would be “the necessary pool” of math teachers in high schools at the beginning of the next school year. What the unions doubt.

“We’re talking about a breeding ground. (…) Good if it’s true, but we don’t know what we’re talking about”, said Bruno Bobkiewicz, secretary general of the main union of school principals (SNPDEN). These heads of institutions are against the return of mathematics to the common core from next school year. they feel that the schedule would be too tight for such modification of schedules and programs.

4. Start the “great reform of the secondary vocational school”

Central to the measures taken by the head of theEtat figure one link between school and company† with, first, “the great reform of the secondary vocational school”“a huge project,” said Emmanuel Macron.

The chairman wishes figuring out the courses leading to a job and the others, given that there are “too many young people who leave with a degree but no job” and that “we are allowing too many sectors to live where there are almost no outlets”. Emmanuel Macron wants to draw inspiration from reform of the apprenticeship and increase internship periods by 50% secondary school students in vocational education.

In any case, the unions hope to turn the page about Jean-Michel Blanquer: “we are waiting for a change of approach: a minister must listen to the staff”, said Caroline Chevé of the FFSU. Pap Ndiaye shouldn’t really have time to enjoy his installation.

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