“HPI”, Miss France, Ellen DeGeneres… A look at the retro TV of the week

Attention spoilers… Here we are talking about television. From reality TV to JT 13 hours through the regional thrillers of France 3, 20 minutes – and especially the incredible editors of the “Retro TV” section (consisting of one person) – takes a close look at everything that passes on the small screen. But yeah, you know, this box that comes to life that young people use to watch YouTube!

Every Saturday you will find here our favorites (or not), all clear information and the indiscretions of the week. Come on, let’s watch the TV news?

number of the week

We don’t know where it will stop. This week, Audrey Fleurot broke audience records again thanks to HPI† If the new episode that aired this Thursday was watched by 7.8 million fans, it’s the replay numbers that are especially impressive. For example, the two new songs of the second evening attracted 2 million and 2.1 million extra viewers respectively. “This is a record full-year win and the best repeat of the season,” TF1 welcomed in a press release.

The news flash

You can reserve your carpool to Châteauroux for mid-December. While the Miss France pageant usually takes place in the corner of the previous winner, it won’t this year. The company has just announced that the next ceremony will not take place in Ile-de-France, Diane Leyre region, but in Centre-Val-de-Loire. The city of Châteauroux recently hosted the TF1 show, in 2017, for the coronation of Maëva Coucke.

The zapping moment

A short trip to the other side of the Atlantic to say goodbye to a figure of American television. This week Ellen DeGeneres presented the last issue of her talk show after nineteen seasons. “I hope I was able to inspire you to make other people happy and do good in the world. Thank you so much for embarking on this adventure with me. I feel love. And I’ll send it back to you. Goodbye,’ she said in her final monologue.

Two years ago, the host was in turmoil after an investigation by buzz feed which revealed the toxic work atmosphere that prevailed during the production of the show. However, it wouldn’t be for these reasons that the show would stop. “I needed a new challenge,” Ellen DeGeneres told the HollywoodReporter

Popcorn info

It has been more than seven months since his transfer was announced and we will finally see the fruits of this transfer window. After leaving TF1, Jarry arrives at France 2 to host The big show, Saturday 11 June in prime time on the public channel. On the program: happenings, skits and surprises for the public, especially thanks to the celebrities Laëtitia Milot and Amir.

M6 allows time for reflection. In a tweet published Monday, Julien Courbet announced that the program Call for witnesses, which he hosts with Nathalie Renoux, wouldn’t be back on the air right away. “The show will not return in its current format, but the teams are thinking and working to change the format,” the presenter said. As a reminder, the launch had attracted 2.6 million people, compared to 1.85 million for the last issue in January.

If we don’t know yet when will return Call for witnesses, we will certainly never see the Buckingham Palace concert event to celebrate Queen Elisabeth II’s Jubilee on M6. However, the channel had initially announced that it would broadcast this show with, among others, Alicia Keys and Elton John on Saturday, June 4. But “due to late information about the production”, it will finally be necessary to connect to Paris Première to follow all this live. On M6, the public will be able to find a certain Julien Courbet for a new issue of the magazine scam

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