Football. MOS – Flers, the shock seen by Frank Dechaume and Tony Rouillon

Tony Rouillon and Frank Dechaume aim for second place on the podium occupied by ASPTT Caen. ©Aline Chatel

After a five-week break, the Maladrerie is back in competition! The Maladiens, who saw Flers and especially the ASPTT Caen as an extension of the catch-up races, occupy fourth place in Region 1. They will receive Flers on Sunday May 29, 2022 (3:00 pm). Ahead of this clash between two teams separated by a point, Caen coach Frank Dechaume and his Flérian counterpart Tony Rouillon take stock.

Can MOS and Flers still aim for second place?

Tony Rouillon: Both hope so with all their hearts. But having just played Tourlaville and Ducey (two 3-0 wins, editor’s note), I don’t see the PTT breaking their teeth there. We will focus on our game first because it will be very difficult. It’s 50-50, a game between two great teams. Everyone has their sights set on winning and waiting to see what happens. It will be a good game, I hope, and a difficult one.

Frank Dechaume: Mathematically yes. After that, it’s not just up to us. It depends on what the PTT is going to do. If they win the next two matches, the case will be heard. The loser of the Flers-MOS match is eliminated. After that, the PTT still has to play both matches. I am confident in the integrity of Tourlaville and Ducey so as not to disrupt the end of the season. Nothing is done. For our part, we have to win our next two games and that will not be an easy task.

ASPTT Caen is one point ahead of Flers, one point ahead of MOS: is this the ideal finish for the thrill?

TR: It would have been better if the PTT had an opponent as strong as us, but it’s a good finish indeed. The MOS is experiencing a great second half of the season. We know they know how to bring in the young people of the club, to have an audience. It’s the last game for them, there will be atmosphere and rivalry on the pitch. The one who wins will surely finish ahead of the other. At the end of the season, a real game is at stake.

FD: It’s quite nice for the journalists (smile) and for us too. A few months ago, when we started the comeback to get closer to this stage, there was little to believe. Today we are still alive. I’m going to use the expression of the CBC coach, whom I casually congratulate on the work he does: “If we win, we stay alive and if we lose, we die”. His expression sums up well what is happening in our championship.

Dechaume: ‘It could be a strange match’

Flers played on Thursday, MOS has not played for five weeks. The context is very different on both sides.

TR: It’s even the opposite. I don’t know who has the advantage. I have no idea and I don’t care. In the amateur world, playing twice in three days is difficult. But if you haven’t played for a month, the lack of rhythm can also be detrimental. Above all, they have the advantage of receiving and carrying the public. If we are at a certain point, it means that we are more or less on the same level.

FD: We’re not going to make excuses, that’s the first thing I want to say. It would be too easy to say we’re going to miss rhythm. That’s how it is. I think the league has adapted to the situation. If they could have done it differently, they would have done it differently. On the other hand, it is certain that the rhythm can be special between a team that has played a lot and a team that has played little. It can be a pretty weird game.

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Flers held onto the ropes midway through the season, with a small lead over his opponents. Did the team falter or were the opponents particularly good?

TR: There are two. At the end of the game we lost a bit stupid points. In the first leg against Ducey we were level at the very end. If we win those, we won’t approach the last two games in the same way. But it is the fate of all teams. Over 24 games we are where we need to be.

Rouillon: ‘I hope there will be a team from Basse-Normandie’

On the other hand, the second part of the season is almost perfect for the MOS…

FD: We’re doing a pretty interesting comeback phase. I like this trajectory because there is good progress. The departure, I can put it on the account of a group under construction. Today there is a collective maturity and understanding between the players, which is a joy to watch. I won’t question everything for four or five months if we lose a game this weekend. 95% of the workforce stays, either to retry the climb to N3 or to stay in N3. These are players and staff who want to stay together. This is our greatest victory. We will try to make this process last as long as possible, in order to hold on to the coming season.

Do you make the calculations for the best second of the two Norman groups?

TR: I haven’t been watching much lately. It has been tightened up considerably and the other group is still moving. There’s no point in watching if I don’t win at MOS. But if it’s not us, I really hope it will be a Basse-Normandie team.

FD: How can we calculate if we are not second and we have not played the last game of the season? Expectations are nothing as long as you are not second. The only team that can do the calculations is the ASPT. I’m not into math at all. I am in the present moment. If there was an extraordinary scenario and we came in second, we would ask ourselves the question. What interest today?

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