Back to school in music with Louis-Jean Cormier, the OSM and Maestro Rafael Payare!

Already well established in schools in Quebec and the Francophonie, the activity Une chanson à l’école will launch the 26th Journées de la culture with Les Fingers en Coeur, composed for young people by Louis-Jean Cormier and performed with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra conducted by the direction of Maestro Rafael Payare.

The invitation is launched to holders and specialists from Quebec and La Francophonie to register now and put music on the menu for the next school year!

It is with enthusiasm that Louis-Jean Cormier accepted the invitation of Culture pour tous and took up the challenge of composing the 7th song in school, sponsoring this activity that has become essential in hundreds of primary schools in the country.

Last year began a fruitful and inspiring collaboration with the Orchester symphonique de Montréal, which took part in the recording of two versions of the song – one sung, the other instrumental – under the direction of its new music director, maestro Rafael Payare.

The Cultural Factory of Télé-Québec immortalized this performance, which took place at the Maison symphonique de Montréal with the participation of a choir of twelve students from the École des Cèdres (service center of the Laval school), selected and prepared by Lorenzo Somma, choir director .

Infused with poetry and light, Fingers in Heart is beautifully orchestrated by Jean-Nicolas Trottier. Certainly, especially thanks to the numerous scores – including the orchestral scores! — which will be made available to the participants, this very moving composition, initially intended for primary school children, will also find a place in the repertoire of the orchestras and bands of many secondary schools.

For the fourth year, PPS Danse combines gesture with music by offering an original choreography whose video tutorials will be available to teachers and their students during the summer.

When I was approached at school to write the new song, a big smile appeared on my face. I have to admit that I quietly harbored the idea of ​​being asked to do it, while secretly envious of my artist friends who had done it before! [Rires] I have a strong bond with young people, with their imagination, with the transfer of knowledge, with the idea of ​​sharing the infectious joy of music. The moment I wrote the song, my heart instantly returned to childhood and echoes of Gilles Vigneault resounded. Realizing that this song will resonate in the voices of thousands of young people around the world is probably the greatest gift you can give a creator. I feel grateful for life, for everyone who will sing my song and finally for the great team of Une chanson à l’école.remarked Louis-Jean Cormier.

I am excited to participate in this unifying project that connects values ​​that are dear to me, such as education and community. Sung with a children’s choir supported by the formidable musicians of the OSM, this song by Louis-Jean Cormier, which speaks of resilience, but above all of hope and light, will be a great balm on the pandemic years that lie behind us . I take this opportunity to highlight the work of all these teachers who, year after year, give children a taste for music: you show them life differently, more beautiful, no doubt! Grace, thank you!», says Rafael Payare, musical director of the OSM.

Showcasing Journées de la culture by participating in the Une chanson à l’école project is a challenge and a renewed pleasure. Each time, the encounter with a new song offers us a new creative path. Will the choreography and movements this year be more inspired by rhythm, energy, melody, instrumentation, poetry, a little bit of everything… It remains a mystery ! It’s nice not always knowing; I can imagine that it helps us to touch the individuality of the proposal. Making our young people aware of culture is a gift that we give to each other collectively. Schools, teachers, teachers, parents, join us and let’s dance “The fingers in the heart”.» emphasizes David Rancourt, Artistic Director of PPS Danse.

Since the start of the adventure, in 2016, Une chanson à l’école has been prominent in Quebec’s cultural landscape. When 300,000 children mingle their voices with that of an exceptional artist, we are no longer talking about magic, but moments of eternity, marking a generation of young people immersing themselves in the local culture with devotion and happiness. We are proud to welcome the immense talent and great humanism of Louis-Jean Cormier, Rafael Payare and the Orchester symphonique de Montréal. A special word of thanks to the dancers and choreographers of PPS Danse and to Myëlle, our artistic director. Finally, I greet the teachers and specialists, daily culture bearers from here.concludes Michel Vallée, President and CEO, Culture pour tous.

From here, teachers, specialists and other stakeholders in the education sector are invited to participate in large numbers in the turnkey activity Une chanson à l’école.

The registration period starts today and runs until the end of September on the Journées de la culture website:

Registration gives immediate access to a toolkit containing the lyrics, the base score and two versions of the song (one instrumental, the other sung) recorded by Louis-Jean Cormier and the OSM. Several other scores — orchestra, Orff instruments, multi-voice choral arrangements, piano… — will be available in the coming weeks.

An educational guide with different activity tracks, developed by a teacher in collaboration with the OSM, and the choreography proposal of the company PPS Danse complete the set during the summer.

The Une chanson à l’école activity is made possible thanks to the support of the Quebec government, with the support of the Centrale des unions du Québec and in collaboration with La Fabrique culturelle de Télé-Québec.

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