8 football movies to watch if you are a sports fan

Are you nostalgic for the Super Bowl yet? Do you think winter never ends? Not sure what to listen to when you’re in front of the Netflix homepage? Don’t worry, we’ll come to the rescue! To entertain you and give you a dose of your favorite sport, football, in this article we offer you 10 football movies to watch or rewatch while you relax.

This list includes classics, as well as more recent works that suit different styles. Whether you’re a fan of comedies, inspirational stories, or based on true stories, there’s one (or more) suggestion for you in this list. So go get your favorite snack and make yourself comfortable for a more than satisfying viewing experience.
Good cinema!

Friday Night Lights (2004)

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Friday night lights is an American film directed by Peter Berg which was released theatrically in the early 2000s. This cinematic work is based on the book of the same name by HG Bissinger tells the story of a high school soccer team, the Permian High Panthers, who win the state championship of the Texas from 1988. This movie shines Billy Bob Thornton in the role of Coach Gary Gaines

Home team (2022)

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home team is an American comedy film starring Kevin James and Taylor Lautner and which has just been released on Netflix. This film is produced by Happy Madison Productions ofAdam Sandler, is inspired by real events. It tells the story of the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, Sean Payton† When he is banned from the NFL for 1 year, he decides to train his 12-year-old son’s soccer team for our greatest amusement.

Bigger (2016)

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taller is a recent biographical film directed by david hunting† It tells the story of Brandon Burlsworthplayed by the actor Christopher Severioan American football player who has a All American† His rise to fame was very short lived, however, as he died in a car accident 11 days after being called up to the National Football League.

Invincible (2006)

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Invincible is an American film inspired by a true story, that of Vince Papal† This 30-year-old American football fan realizes one day an impossible dream, which is to join his favorite NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles. This movie directed by Ericson Core of Mark Wahlberg will make you dream too, that’s for sure.

Radio (2003)

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Radio is a real one feel good movie released in the early 2000s. In this one you will have the chance to see the amazing acting performances of Cuba Gooding Jr. playing a young man with an intellectual disability. Under the protection of Coach Jonesan American football coach, he gradually evolves and changes the world around him.

Rudy (1993)

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Rudy is a classic released in the 90s. It is a movie based on real events that tells us the story of Daniel Eugene Ruettigernickname Rudy, an American football player who dreams of being part of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish varsity team. It is a work that has aged well!

The Last Try (2005)

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The last test is an American film that we enjoy watching every year. It tells the story of Paul Creweplayed by Adam Sandler, a former American football player who also won the NFL League’s Most Valuable Player award during his career. Years and a few bad decisions later, he ends up in prison where he is encouraged to train a football team made up of prison guards. To know the rest, you have to see the movie!

The fight of your life (2015)

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The fight of your life is an American film based on the life of Tony Nathanthe first super star of black football in history, and Tandy Gereldshis coach while on the Woodlawn High School football team in Birmingham, Alabama† This historically tinted film is hyper-relevant and a should for all lovers of this sport.

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