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While they have several points in common, including that they marked the history of motorsport in the country, we will also remember these three beloved drivers as examples of generosity to the public and journalists.

Patrick Carpentier, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin and Bertrand Godin will be inducted into Canada’s Motorsports Hall of Fame tonight at a ceremony to be held in Toronto tonight.

In all three cases, this honor is fully deserved, even though Carpentier had to wait many years before receiving this award. Drivers with certainly less extensive records, and especially younger ones, were indeed admitted for him.

Pay to be inducted

The reason for his late accession to the throne is surprising, if not sooner… repulsive.

“Under a former government, the selected people had to pay to be inducted, he explained in an interview with the Log. Me, I didn’t want to. Fortunately, the new leaders don’t think the same way anymore.

“I am certainly very honored to join other experienced pilots,” he continued.

Born under a lucky star

Carpentier acknowledges having had the opportunity to start his racing career at the right time. At a time when companies were investing huge amounts of money to promote Canadian talent.

“Of course I am indebted to Player’s for allowing me to drive in the CART and Champ Car Series [ancêtres de l’IndyCar] at a very high level. Organizations like Lynx Racing, in Formula Atlantic, and Tony Bettenhausen have also given me a big hand.

“I wouldn’t be here to answer your questions without their support,” said the man who celebrated his 50th birthday last August.

After skating

Carpentier was destined for a career in speed skating, but he turned to motorsport.

“Skating was way too demanding for me,” he says. The training lasted 12 months a year. At some point I couldn’t take it anymore. We lived in L’Assomption and had to travel to the Olympic Stadium at least three times a week. My summers were devoted to this discipline.

« The exploits of Gilles [Villeneuve] influenced me. My father looked at it and he handed me a go-kart. I immediately had the sting. And it didn’t stop after that. †

After a dominant season in Formula Atlantic, where he won nine of the 12 stages of the 1996 season, he was offered a wheel in the CART Series.

His record shows five wins in 157 starts in the most competitive single-seater series in North America. He was on the podium 24 times.

“For me, the most memorable event of my career was my victory at the Michigan Oval in 2001,” he says. It took so long to get it and I felt this pressure to perform at a time when I was about to negotiate a new contract. †

On July 22, 2001, Carpentier had triumphed over Scottish Dario Franchitti, three-time Indianapolis 500 Miles champion, not without starting from the 21st.e place on the starting grid.

A year later, he signed his third track win in Mid-Ohio and kept his promise to run naked (or nearly) on the track. He had then worn the winner’s checkered flag around his waist!

“I thought I was so ugly,” he recalls.

In 2002 Patrick Carpentier celebrated his win at the Mid-Ohio circuit with a simple checkered flag.

Archive photo

In 2002 Patrick Carpentier celebrated his win at the Mid-Ohio circuit with a simple checkered flag.

Absent from the ceremony

Carpentier has two good reasons to justify his absence from tonight’s ceremony. He was first detained in Montreal to take on his role as an analyst on the RDS network.

“It’s our biggest weekend of the year with the Monaco Grand Prix and the 600-mile Charlotte race in NASCAR at the end of the day on Sunday,” he said.

The family is also concerned about the health of her 21-year-old daughter Anaïs.

“She has been very ill lately and has just returned from a week long hospital stay,” he says. She has had episodes of acute pancreatitis since early childhood.

“I don’t travel by plane anymore and I avoid long trips so as not to get away from her,” he concludes.

“I thought it was a joke…”

Louis-Philippe Dumoulin flattered by this award

In 2022, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin will try to add a fourth championship ring to his rich collection.

Photo courtesy of Dumoulin Competition

In 2022, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin will try to add a fourth championship ring to his rich collection.

In October 2020, Louis-Philippe Dumoulin received a call with the regional code 416 on his display.

“At the other end of the line, a person spoke quite approximate French. I hadn’t understood his name before our conversation turned to English, the pilot from Mauricie said in an interview with the Log

“It was to tell me that my name had been selected to be inducted into the Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame. At the time, I believed a joke from a friend of mine in Ontario. But no, it was true.

“It surprised me, he added, but I was very flattered at the same time.”

The ceremony was scheduled to take place in February 2021, but was postponed due to the pandemic. Tonight there will be 31 new inductees to form the 2020 and 2021 cohorts.

Of the number, the colleague Philippe Brasseur, who heads the Quebec magazine Leading position masterly, is also rewarded in the media category.

Unlike the two other drivers from Quebec – Patrick Carpentier and Bertrand Godin – who will also be honored at a ceremony in Toronto tonight, Dumoulin is still dedicated to his job as a driver. And also full-time.

The little man from Saint-Maurice

“When you get such an honor, you have no choice but to dive into your memories,” he says, even if my career is not over and I still have good years ahead of me.

“You realize how far you’ve come, chasing the 43-year-old driver. I think of this little boy from Saint-Maurice from a modest family who lived in a house with a dirty basement. I owe a lot to my parents who, without spending a lot of money, have put hours and passion into helping my brother Jean-François and me.

“I am indebted to them and to all of our business partners who have supported us over the years and who continue to do so. †

Unlike several pilots a little older than him, Dumoulin could not count on the financial contribution of the tobacco company Player’s.

“The anti-tobacco law forced the withdrawal of this company and the end of its sponsorship in motorsport,” said Dumoulin. If Player had stayed, I probably would have been one of the next to join. †

A cross on the single seater

After a promising career in Formula Ford where he was crowned champion in 2002, he had to give up a career in single-seaters and possibly the IndyCar Series due to lack of sufficient budget.

But it was only to come back stronger in a discipline unknown to him, the stock car

In 2022, Dumoulin will try to become just the second driver in the history of the Canadian NASCAR Pinty’s series (after Ontarian Scott Steckly) to win four titles, he who won the championship trophy in 2014, 2018 and 2021.

“Our goal is to win a fourth time, even if our season start is not perfect,” he concludes. We’re not used to giving up and believe me, I haven’t said my last word. †

Bertrand Godin and this infectious passion

patrick carpenter

Bertrand Godin did not pass up this opportunity presented to him a few years ago to race in Formula Ford.

As proof, he won a race in the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières in 2019, beating not only young wolves in the specialty, but also veterans for whom motorsport no longer holds any secrets.

“If I get another chance to express myself on a track, I will be there,” he confirmed in an interview with the Log† I’ve been inducted into Canada’s Motorsports Hall of Fame, but I’m not retired yet. This passion for racing is contagious. †

Godin, 54, is one of 31 personalities to be inducted at a ceremony to be held tonight in Toronto.

Human values

If he could count on Player’s valued support throughout his career, he would also like to thank all those people who believed in him.

“I think of those who did not hesitate to dig into their pockets to support me financially. These are the human values ​​that allowed me to race. †

A memorable win

This recognition makes him realize how lucky he has been in life. His most memorable memories will be his win in Formula Atlantic in 1997 forever etched in his memory.

“It was magical to win over the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, where Gilles Villeneuve won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix.”

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