Top 5 worst transfers in football history

Be it summer or winter, the transfer window is one of the most anticipated times for football fans every year. Which star joins which club? However, in some cases, the player flopped all the way to his new club. Here is the Top 5 of the worst transfers in transfer window history.

For this Summit, the selection of players has been made taking into account the market value. That is, the transfer price and then the resale price or the current market value.

One of the worst transfers: Eden Hazard to Real Madrid

The attacker of the Red Devils is the perfect example to start this list of the worst transfers the football world has known† Indeed, the former Chelsea player, currently with Real Madrid, is number 1 on this list. While the Belgian has been one of the best players in the Premier League for a few years, Real Madrid knocked on Chelsea’s door in the summer of 2019 to hire Eden Hazard.

The Blues winger is then 28 years old and is in the prime of his career. Casa Blanca therefore puts its hand in the pocket and restores Eden Hazard against a check for 115 million euros† But once in Madrid, Hazard is completely overweight and injured repeatedly. Today, according to Transfermarkt, his market value is estimated at… 16 million euros. During his transfer, the Belgian was estimated at 150 million euros. Or a drop in market value of almost 134 million euros in just 3 years. Absolutely the worst transfer in football history.

A monumental flop: Philippe Coutinho at FC Barcelona

In the same vein as Eden Hazard in Madrid, we find the Brazilian Philippe Coutinho and his transfer to FC Barcelona. A real crack at Liverpool, the Brazilian number 10 has been a victim of the Catalan club’s policies and has to replace Neymar, who has moved to PSG. With a wallet full thanks to the 222 million euros from the transfer of Neymar, Barca paid too much for Coutinho . transfer† And indeed carries out a catastrophic operation, classified as one of the worst transfers of the 21st century.

Estimated at €90 million when he left Liverpool in January 2018, Coutinho was transferred on a check for €135 million. Unfortunately, the Brazilian struggles to find his place in the Catalan workforce and gradually loses its magic. Notably, he was loaned to Bayern Munich in August 2019 to restore his image. Result: he was a double scorer during the historic blow dealt to German club FC Barcelona. The famous 8-2. At the moment, Philippe Coutinho is estimated at only 20 million euros.

The archetype of the failed transfer: Nicolas Pepe at Arsenal

For former Ligue 1 resident Nicolas Pépé, it’s a different story. In the meantime, unlike Coutinho, who was a victim of the politics of his new club, Nicolas Pépé was a victim of the politics of his old club. In reality, the former LOSC player left for Arsenal after a very good season in France† He is one of many Ligue 1 players to be sold at gold prices after a few good games. Many clubs in France appreciate this policy aimed at training and then selling players, such as LOSC or Monaco.

As for Nicolas Pépé, the Franco-Ivorian winger was sold in the summer of 2019 for €80 million. Today, its market value has dropped significantly as it is worth only EUR 30 million. Indeed, very often or even too often a replacement for the Gunners, Pepe has never been able to find his level in Lille. Unfortunately for him, that’s why he’s part of this list of the worst transfers in football† Despite an undeniable talent that we hope will one day reappear…

One of the worst transfers: Kaka’s to Real Madrid (credits: Jan S0L0).

An industrial disaster: Kaka at Real Madrid

Real Madrid again for a historic flop. Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite aka Kaka, seen as the worthy successor to Zinedine Zidane, is exploding alongside AC Milan. More than explode the Brazilian won the Ballon d’Or in 2007 after winning the Champions League.

Two years later, in 2009, Real Madrid offered the Brazilian star a check for 67 million euros. Sadly, in four years, Kaka has only played in 85 La Liga appearances for Real Madrid. A balance that was way too low for a superstar like Kaka. in the end, he left Real Madrid in 2013 free to return to Milan† With this departure, the Brazilian is estimated at 10 million euros, a loss of 57 million euros in market value. It is without a doubt one of the worst transfers in Real Madrid history and, by extension, in football history.

In the legend of the worst transfers: Torres to Chelsea

Finally an end to these top 5 worst transfers from the transfer window: El Nino, Fernando Torres. Torres is regarded as one of the best strikers in Liverpool’s history and drove the Premier League in the Reds shirt. Rarely has a striker dominated a championship like this. Chelsea, newly rich, then seizes the opportunity to pay the Spanish star.

At the age of 27, Fernando Torres therefore went to Chelsea for 58 million euros. However, the Spaniard flopped completely and eventually left for AC Milan 4 years later. The Italian club is spending just €1 million to get the then 31-year-old Torres back. That is a loss for Chelsea of ​​57 million euros: a big miss for a transfer that would become one of the most important of the century.

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