the failure of the putschists against the jihadists

This week’s massacre in northern Burkina Faso proves it: The military coups that have taken place in West Africa over the past year and a half have done nothing to curb the murderous activities of jihadist groups in the region. The Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba (Burkina) and another Assimi Goita in Mali emphasize how difficult it is to overthrow governments to delineate the terrorist threat to justify their takeover. have been elected.

Burkina: a short break after the putsch

Since 2015, in Burkina Faso, mainly in the north and east of the country, al-Qaeda and Islamic State-affiliated movements have killed at least some 2,000 people and displaced 1.8 million others. Which undoubtedly got President-elect Roch Marc Christian Kaboré overthrown last January by members close to his own army. Problem: The country’s new strongman, Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba (appointed commander by the same Kaboré just a month before the putsch) has been facing incessant jihadist raids since March – after two months of relative calm, of course. Attacks that have already killed more than 200 civilians and soldiers.

According to testimonies collected by RFI, this week’s massacre – 50 men are said to have been executed – was an act of retaliation carried out by the jihadists who threatened to avenge the civilian population for their fighters killed in the attack on a military detachment in Madjoari on May 19. † “Residents said fighters from the armed terrorist groups held meetings in the villages and threatened to avenge their 70 comrades killed during the attack on the military detachment.” reports a local source. “If the state doesn’t take action, the rest of Madjoari’s population is at risk of being slaughtered down the road” is further concerned about a former local elected official. A concern that is becoming increasingly angry even within a divided people. What’s the point of overthrowing elected politicians, if the result in terms of terrorism is the same?

The same question is also beginning to arise in Mali, where Colonel Assimi Goita and his cronies spend their time blaming France for the evils shaking their countries. Meanwhile, the Sahel branch of the Islamic State Group (EIGS) is dealing a deadly blow. Terrorist attacks have also continued for several weeks in the Ménaka region in the northeast of the country, an area where Barkhane had a base before he was forced to evacuate, killing hundreds of civilians and the forced exile of several thousand others. But while all these massacres continue under the noses and beards of an accomplice or impotent Malian army, despite the alleged reinforcement of the men of the Russian private militia Wagner, the junta remains strangely silent as if none of this exists. Which can quickly turn out to be a mistake.

In Mali: Imam Dicko on the lookout

Since nature hates a vacuum, Imam Dicko, a great figure in local political Islam, takes advantage of this silence to occupy the media space.He who spearheaded the movement of 5 just under two years ago June, which in the end will lead to the overthrow of IBK, is today very unhappy with the way the junta runs the country. “A dying political class, which does not move, which no longer exists. A civil society that has ceased to exist, it must be said. Today people are torn between people who want an indefinite transition, people who have principles, and murder in the name of those principles. The Malian people, all of Africa must witness its destruction, its collapse without lifting a finger? I believe history will remember that.” he threatened on the sidelines of the 22nd edition of the Bamako Forum, which began last Thursday and whose theme, This Is Not Made Up, is called: “Women, Peace, Security and Development in Africa”.

Goita like Damiba may have thought to draw inspiration from Idriss Déby Jr., who took the throne after his father’s death in April 2021 following an institutional coup. At the moment, despite the death of 24 Chadian soldiers a few months after Déby junior came to power, the country has not been the target of jihadist attacks for almost a year…

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