investment of nearly $2.5 billion for next school year

The Quebec government continues to build its new generation of schools and continue its efforts to provide the public education network with stimulating, adapted and safe learning spaces for students. Recalling that education is one of the government’s priorities, the Minister of Education, Mr Jean-François Roberge, announced in the Plan québécois des infrastructures (PQI) major investments worth almost $2.5 billion for the construction, expansion, replacement and improvement of school infrastructure 2022-2032. Thanks to the historic investments made over the past four years and the investments in the QIP 2022-2032, our schools are getting a facelift.

Extension, construction and replacement of schools

More than $1.2 billion is planned to continue the realization of projects and to begin construction, replacement and extension projects for schools. In particular, this amount will be used for the construction of eight primary schools, for the reconstruction of nine primary schools that have become dilapidated, and for the extension or renovation of four vocational training centres.

More than $1.2 billion is earmarked to maintain and restore the condition of the building stock for the 2022-2023 school year. Ultimately, thousands of renovation projects will be carried out in schools across Quebec.

“Education is an important factor for change, success and socialization and enables students to realize their full potential. And the school is the foundation. So today’s announcement makes me extremely proud. It shows that our government is once again taking concrete action to make education a priority. This large investment directly benefits the students and all the school staff who visit these places every day. By inspiringly renovating or building schools, we tell them that their school has an important mission and that we do what it takes to honor it. The continued commitment of the new generation of schools will certainly contribute to achieving this objective, not to mention that the renovation works that have been and are being carried out are an integral part of the economic recovery of the regions of Quebec, especially by using local materials. †

Jean-François Roberge, Minister of Education

  • The announced investments are foreseen in Québec’s infrastructure plan 2022-2032
  • The size Add space focuses on school construction, extension and transformation projects and the acquisition of modular buildings or premises by educational organizations. This year, the total envelope for this measure will exceed $965 million.
  • The size Replacement of a building aims to demolish and rebuild schools that have become dilapidated. This year, the total envelope for this measure will be $255 million.
  • Measures Building maintenance and Elimination of the maintenance deficit aimed at supporting renovation work in existing schools. This year, the total envelope for this measure will exceed $1.2 billion.
  • All school building and reconstruction work by educational organizations must fit in with the government’s new vision of a new generation of schools.
  • From the perspective of community integration and sustainable development, this new generation of schools has adapted to modern teaching methods. Common areas promote socialization and a sense of belonging among students. The new schools also have a brand new architectural identity with accents of blue and Quebec materials, mainly wood and aluminum.
  • Over the past four years, the Quebec government has invested more than $11 billion in public education network infrastructure to add space, replace buildings and renovate them.
  • In four years, the government has doubled the PQI budget for education, from $9 billion to more than $21 billion.

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