Football Dams Ligue 2 / QRM-FCVB / Hervé Della Maggiore: “It’s far from over!”

The Coué method. A serene way to approach big deadlines when things get tougher. Hervé Della Maggiore broadcasts this, without ever harping on, as if to prepare his team for what seems like an impossible mission: recover from a three-goal to 18-goal deficite of Ligue 2, QRM, at home, without repeating the mistakes that cost Armand-Chouffet dearly on Tuesday evening. And this morning, at a press conference, 48 hours before the last game of such a long season, the FCVB coach spoke about the high morale of his group before flying to Rouen tomorrow.

Have your players’ heads been hard to raise since Tuesday night after the defeat conceded in this first round of the play-offs?

“No, not at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of what I discovered. We preferred to bet on the psychological aspect, cutting a bit, for two days and energized with loved ones. we will meet our players again this year Friday morning with a lot of enthusiasm and the will to do something before our last game of the season on Sunday.”

When watching this match, did you notice any key points that weren’t in your analysis, hot, Tuesday night?

“We didn’t play a bad game, it was decided on details, as often at the highest level. We scored this first goal (Editor’s note: Elisor’s punishment in the 28the I regret their too quick equalizer (30esoumare)she didn’t let them hesitate long enough. In the rest of the game we had 2-1 . balls (Dabasse at the bar, face to face with Bonenfant who didn’t make the right choice…). In the back we were punished on set pieces. Again, this match was decided on details. It’s reassuring because these are things that can be erased on the way back. It also shows that the game could have gone our way, with a different outcome. It also proves that there is great hope for Sunday.”

“Matches are not only played on the athletic aspect…”

In spite of everything, did you feel that your players had been dealt a heavy blow after this defeat at Armand-Chouffet?

“Not at all. They are not devastated by this score. On the contrary. I have always said that it was an experienced group and they are convinced that they can change the situation. I really feel it. This n It is not easy on my part send positive messages. This is coming out from the group. I saw the match again and I am convinced, we have character, we are able to score three goals away even against good teams. During the competition season we were up at some point better away from home, with the crowd against us.We won at Bauer (0-1) of the Red Star by playing a big game, same at Le Mans (0-2).There are many signals that give us tell them it’s far from over!”

The athletic dimension of this first leg favored Quevilly with an impression of strength that made your team suffer. How to solve this on Sunday?

“It’s a parameter that we knew before. We haven’t gained 20 kg and 30 cm since Tuesday… We know how to handle that, despite everything. Anyway, we had a hard time on this aspect and on set pieces “These aren’t situations where they weren’t very efficient all season when they only scored two goals. Defensively we were more efficient. These aren’t things we insisted on enough in the pre-match chat. But now we’ve warned We will have solutions to fix this If we manage to put down our game we will still give them problems The matches will not be It is not in this area that we can compete with QRM but on the On the other hand, I am convinced that, like Tuesday, we will be able to create chances, be more technically accurate by putting more quality into it, to score goals.”

‘The return of Florent Da Silva is an extra weapon’

Could Florent Da Silva’s return to the center be one of the keys to precisely having more technical accuracy in the last 20 meters?

‘Naturally. We know what he has given us since his arrival. It’s an extra weapon.’

To reverse everything, you are not in a process of rupture, it bypasses the choices of the men and the tactical aspects, through a kind of continuity?

“It will indeed be continuity. The score seems tough, but when we look at the game, the 3-1 is linked to details and not to the overall performance. We should not revolutionize everything with regard to the result.”

For a large majority of your players there is the emotional aspect of a last chance in their career to play a promotion in Ligue 2. Is this a parameter to take into account or do the players manage to internalize it?

“They have it in them. I felt that the players bounced back, especially these players, the most experienced. They will take everyone else with them. Experience is everything. Moments like this they have already experienced. Most of all, they know that in football, nothing is ever Reversals, they’ve seen them on TV, they’ve experienced them themselves, they know it can be done.

Interview by Ralph NEPLAZ

Local press correspondent.

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