Educate high school students to become seasoned professionals

In collaboration with the educational services of the Beauce-Etchemin School Services Center, the Builders Training Center today opened the doors of its facility to present the workshops of the profiles associated with the Certificate of Preparatory Training for Employment (CFPT) and a certificate in a semi-skilled trade (CFMS).

During this visit, current students and their teachers welcomed visitors to present internships and their achievements. It was also an opportunity to provide information on the tasks and skills associated with the targeted semi-skilled trade.

This day is always very important to us. It allows our students to present the projects they have been working on for a year. We have young people whose eyes are filled with pride and who are happy to show the achievement of their work and their perseverance. said the deputy director of the Builders training center, Julie Hébert.

This is intended for young people aged 14 to 17 who want to learn a trade in parallel. The facilities are very complete and allow all participants to develop professional skills. They work on concrete projects and respond to customer questions.

Four internship profiles are offered for the 2022-2023 school year: cooking, building, garage and artistic lab. The building of the Bâtisseurs de Saint-Joseph training center welcomes construction, garage and lab artistic profiles, while the kitchen profile is offered in collaboration with Village Aventuria in Saint-Jules.

The internship profiles are proof that different training paths are possible to maintain the motivation of our young people on their journey. By alternating their academic studies and internships, students develop a multitude of skills that prepare them for the job market. In fact, it is a course that enables our young people to succeed in what they undertake and achieve great goals. The perseverance they show during their journey is remarkable ‘ she concluded.

More information about profiles
This offer of internal internships provides concrete and stimulating learning for young people who are enrolled in one of the training courses aimed at employment. The aim is to obtain a pre-work training certificate or a certificate for a semi-skilled profession.

Students spend two to three days in the workplace in the chosen profile and visit their polyvalent the other days of the week during their school year.

  • kitchen profile
    Students learn to make different recipes, prepare delicious and well-presented dishes, set tables and serve food. In this profile they develop the skills that belong to the profession of assistant cook.
  • construction profile
    Students learn how to assemble a wall and roof frame, install electrical components, build outdoor facilities (gazebo and table), and make simple furniture and cabinets. In this profile they develop the skills associated with the profession of furniture or cabinet fitter or the profession of door and window fitter.
  • garage profile
    Students learn to design a dune buggy, fabricate and weld cabin components, install an engine and transmission, tune suspension and steering components, and use automotive metal fabrication and painting equipment. In this profile, they develop the skills associated with the labor trade in the production of metal products.
  • Lab Artistic Profile
    Students learn to draw and paint with different materials and equipment, use effects (colors, perspective, shadow and light), discover works of art and their influence and learn about screen printing (posters and clothing). In this profile they develop the skills associated with the profession of press assistant on a screen printing press.

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