College football: Falcons with a long memory

The last football season of the Faucons de Lévis in 2019 is very far in the collective memory of the people. A record of one win and eight failures, multiple football lessons and exclusion from the playoffs. For the veterans of the team, this long season served as motivation during the long hiatus from football and was not forgotten by those who lived through it.

“We were very young during this season and our group has matured a lot since then. We have integrated good recruits into the team and we are ready to be successful,” said tight end François Giguère-Lacasse.

A comment that resonates with his third-year teammates.

“We have also set up a competition between teams during the pandemic in accordance with health regulations. We called it the Mega Bowl and it allowed many players to gain experience and see game time. Every week we made our teams and played. It was very good for the team spirit”, explains the defensive lineman
Case Leclerc.

Renewed Defensive

According to head coach Pierre-Alain Bouffard, the defensive unit has made great strides during the long period of inactivity.

“I think we have a solid defense now
Ndéki Garant, linebacker Marc-Antoine Lacroix and defensive lineman
Zaac Leclerc are the three pillars we will rely on. We have a lot of speed. †

The attacking unit has often determined the fate of the Lévis formation in the past. However, the driver hopes to be better balanced next season.

“Our attack hasn’t changed and I’m sure they can score points. We still like a fast pace on offense, counting on a fourth-year quarterback like
Justin Quirion is an insurance policy,” admits the head coach, who says he is comfortable with his team’s extra time off during the first week of college football activity.

One gap that Bouffard would have loved to fill with recruitment is the number of athletes in his roster.

“We’ve always had a small number of players in the past and I’m very happy to be able to count on 74 athletes next season. Like all clubs there are several new faces, but we finally have the depth we want. I also believe that our veterans have the knife between their teeth and that they will raise the youngest. †

Swiss knife

It’s quite rare for a college coach to name a tight end in the players to watch during his training, but this is the case with the Faucons with François Giguère-Lacasse. A player who likes to play in all facets of football.

“I am a versatile athlete and I don’t need the ball to feel valued. I bring my contribution and the results of the team are the first important factor.”

Justin Quirion is confident in his final college season

Justin Quirion expects tight competitions in the Northeast section next season.

Photo Jean Carrier

Justin Quirion expects tight competitions in the Northeast section next season.

Few collegiate teams have the luxury of relying on a fourth-year center to lead their attack on the field. Calm and collected, just spend a few moments with the left-handed quarterback
Justin Quirion to realize that he is in complete control of what happens on the ground.

“My role has grown considerably in the past year. I know the script very well and I have an excellent relationship with our offensive coordinator, who trusts me completely. I now spend more time explaining the intricacies of our system to younger people. †

Increased responsibilities that do not hinder the main stakeholder in the least.

“I think in 2019 the leadership in the team was very lacking. It is something that cannot happen this season and I am not alone in this task. All veterans want to perform and are ready to show what it takes to succeed. That’s the Falcon way. †

natural ferryman

Quirion is not the prototype of the ultra-mobile quarterback who often makes the spread offensive the Falcons love work so well. However, the veteran has other tools in his bag.

“I can run, but I’m more of a quarterback who likes to do pocket damage. I’m calm, I try to get everyone involved and do my readings well. I just believe in my abilities.”

Even if the pivot hasn’t seen much action since his arrival with the Falcons, the former player of the
Dragons of the versatile Saint-Georges refuse to put extra pressure on their shoulders.

“It is certain that I am not well known and a good season would help my university recruitment. My plan, however, is to look at it season by game, even if it sounds cliché. I don’t see why I should be nervous, it’s such a relief to be able to do the sport you love. †

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