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In response to the Federation of Early Childhood Workers of Quebec (FIPEQ-CSQ), which is concerned about the reduction by more than half of the number of students enrolled in Childhood Education Techniques (TEE) at Cégep de Valleyfield between 2015 and 2021, the university of applied sciences reassures: the applications for admission to this program have increased in the 1st SRAM round before the fall of 2022.

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Significant decline in Childhood Education Technique enrollment at Cégep de Valleyfield

In the first round of admissions, only 15 applications were sent to Cégep de Valleyfield last fall. For 2022, Cégep de Valleyfield registered 24 applications, nine more than the previous year. Remember, high school students or anyone interested in college studies can apply to SRAM three times.

Like several other college programs, TÉE’s has seen a decline in enrollment in 2021.” Subsequently, much was done on our side, at Cégep, and at the government to attract students in this field. For example, the government has improved salary conditions and implemented a scholarship program that allows full-time students to receive $1,500 per successful semester. “explains from the start, the coordinator and
teacher in Early Childhood Education at Cégep de Valleyfield, Maryse Lafrance.

This year, eleven students will graduate from this program at Cégep de Valleyfield.

A curriculum anchored in mid-early childhood

At Cégep de Valleyfield, classes in the TÉE curriculum have desks to promote learning, as well as a laboratory section. For example, a class in the G wing hides a nursery for 3 to 5 year olds in the back. In addition, young people of this age have already visited the site, sharing the time of a few courses or some learning with students, mostly women. † Boys are also welcome, but there are fewer of those registered notes Mrs. Lafrance.

What is special about this training? The social involvement that enables graduates to quickly find a job, often before the end of their studies. † We work closely with early childhood industry actors or other key community players. In most cases, our graduates have a full-time job waiting the day after finishing their studies. They are asked from the first year of their university admission because the needs in this area are dire.”
summarizes Mrs. Lafrance.

Once graduates have obtained their HBO diploma in TÉE, they have two choices: to enter the labor market or to university. Janika, who graduated from the program in 2022, chose the latter alternative. This fall, she will return to school to continue her academic career, which will lead her to special education to work with a clientele grappling with a variety of issues.

The interesting thing about studying here is that our internships allow us to interact with all kinds of clients. Whether they are primary, secondary or adults with special needs. We can quickly discover what interests us and develop this interest among this clientele. For my part, I will be an animator at the day camp this summer before moving on to the next stage of my academic journey. ‘ she states.

Another special feature of the program offered at Cégep de Valleyfield: the Apprenticeship in the Workplace (AMT) component. Implemented in 2018, this study program offers TÉE students an internship equivalent to 20 hours in the workplace. † It allows us to quickly apply the concepts we have learned in the classroom, as well as allowing us to work with real equipment in the workplace. You quickly know whether this field is something for you or not, whether it is really your calling adds Janika.

AMT also includes field visits with teachers to introduce students to different age groups, approaches and facilities. † This component represents 20% of the course hours. For example, in a 60-hour work week, 12 hours are spent on AMT, which can take any form. For example, a speaker can share his experience in class with the students “says Mrs. Lafrance.

In addition to their involvement in the field, TÉE students and their teachers sit at regional consultation tables for young children. † We are also involved in the Vigilance project of the CISSSMO, in addition to being present at the Early Childhood Fair and sometimes offering walk-in day care to Cégep employees before the start of the fall semester. », Lists those who have been teaching TEE for 20 years now.

A highly esteemed mathematician

Well-regarded by TÉE students, the Mathematics Library is the reference resource for proper exam preparation or finding interesting material to set up an activity. † It is a place where we can come to study, but also to borrow equipment in the long term for our internships. It is a place that arouses a lot of jealousy among students from other courses because they do not have such a place at their disposal. Janika concludes during a visit to the heart of this place that she and her fellow students have greatly appreciated throughout their school careers.

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