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Teachers in the Haitian education system were honored across the country on National Haitian Teachers Day, Tuesday, May 17. The head of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP), Nesmy Manigat, urges patience and encourages teachers to continue safeguarding the spirits of future generations while promising them to work for better days.

Seven teachers received the ovation from the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training on this occasion, at a ceremony that took place on Tuesday, May 17 at the Haitian National Pantheon Museum (MUPANAH). They are: Mileine Médor, 40 years of career; Marlène Evelyne Norbert, 55 years of career; Maurice Pierre, 42 years career; Antoniel Petit-Frère, 47 years of career; Marie Alice Sirene, 54 years of career; Kethnel Vernet, 42 years career, for their entire career but also Djef Pierre, 3 years career was honored, to encourage him, according to the ministry.

The Minister of National Education and Vocational Training, Nesmy Manigat, took the opportunity to pay tribute to the efforts of teachers who, despite difficult circumstances, uncertainty, inflation and daily difficulties, have reached the end of their seven-month lesson.

“We have made many sacrifices, after a difficult year in COVID-19. This year we realize that, despite the situation, 4 million students will receive education bread,” said Minister Manigat. He also asked for patience, realizing that the situation is not easy. “Teachers all over the world, like in Haiti, do a noble but sometimes thankless job because it is difficult, even dangerous, when we are asked to show what we do every day. In the context of the erosion of values, of the disorganization of young libertarians, we have a great challenge, a great pedagogy, when it comes to justifying your thankless work,” said the education minister. He also praised the government for its decision to adjust between 30 and 43% of the salaries of 35,000 teachers in the public sector.

Nesmy Manigat says he is considering other endeavors as well. He says it is important that the salary table becomes reality. MENFP is working to ensure that public sector teachers receive better treatment for the number of years of experience and the quality of work they have (delivered). Nesmy Manigat says he has committed to conducting a nationwide survey to find out the number of teachers in the school park, in order to think better about the organization of work. It is necessary to “consider a national census of public and private teachers, which would allow all teachers to enjoy the same kind of benefits, such as price reductions on certain educational products and services,” the minister added. In the eyes of Minister Manigat, this profession is the most beautiful in the world. “The school remains the last bastion of society to rebuild the social fabric of the country,” he recalled, before welcoming the government’s collective effort that allowed the Ministry of Education budget to increase by 10%. to 13% of the state budget.

France’s Étienne Louisseul, director of the DDO-Ouest MENFP, says he believes that teachers have merit because they are real shapers of race, nation, in terms of thinking and repositories of knowledge. In any civilized society, the teacher is a spearhead that makes it possible to reflect on the obstacles encountered in the Haitian education system, with a view to reactivating them,” he emphasized. “The teacher guarantees quality education. The teachers maintain a permanent dialogue with the students. Every society, whether primitive or modern, needs high-level education as such. Now is the time to think deeply about the role of the teacher, the educational function, in its importance, its scope, its deep meaning,” insisted the Departmental Director of Education for the West.

Maurice Pierre, 42 years of career, judged that being a teacher is a calling of service, a desire to serve the youth of this country. “A teacher is a person who gives and never gets tired of giving. You’re not out of here just favoritism. Even in times of war, the functioning of schools should not be negotiated,” said the career teacher.

Djeff Pierre, the other recipient, says he appreciates the principles and policies that the MENFP has been applying for a while. He praised the work of Minister Manigat at the head of the MENFP, which he described as innovative. He also thanked the minister for trusting Haitian youth to hire hundreds of young graduates into the Haitian education system.

Altidor Jean Hervec

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