A new horse policy in Normandy

On Monday, May 23, Hervé Morin, President of the Normandy Region, presented the new equine policy for the Normandy sector for 2023-2027. Future guidelines aim to put the region first.

The horse sector of the Normandy region is giving a whip to its horse policy. † I want to pull this entire sector towards excellence with projects such as Normandie Equine Vallée, the Longines Deauville Classic or the Normandy Horse Meet’Up Show. I also want to make the horse sector an activity factor for Normandy by developing tourism products around the horse. I also have the ambition to allow all Normans to benefit from this sector of excellence ” stated the president of the Normandy region during his speech in the Haras de Bernière, in Saint-Martin-de-la-Lieue, reporting in a press release.
In this idea, the The Normandy Equine Valley International Campus will house all veterinary training for horses from the National Veterinary School of Alfort. The Haras National du Pin becomes the international center for equestrian sports

Five important guidelines

The new horse policy for 2023-2027 is all about five challenges:
-The first aims at ensure the success of the horse companies of tomorrow† An objective that will be achieved by supporting the recruitment of companies, in particular the opening of a training center for young driver-young jockeys at the beginning of the school year in September 2022 at the Deauville training center. Another action, support investment by companies by strengthening our ecosystem for more and more innovation.

-The second point is to making Normandy a territory of excellence in equine health, performance and welfare† Three actions have been taken in this area: making Normandie Equine Vallée the global campus for equine health and research, relying on its networks of actors (Pôle Hippolia and GIS Centaure) to promote Normandy’s leadership in research and innovation strengthen and final action, reconciling the horse’s well-being and performance. 2025 marks the actual arrival of students from the National Veterinary School of Alfort in Normandy.

-Third challenge, highlights and develops the equestrian heritage of Normandy in all its components† This includes improving the sites of national stud farms, promoting the World Horse Library and supporting breeders and promoting heritage breeds. Thanks to financial support from the Region, an infant formula based on Percheron mare’s milk will be launched in the coming days. This world first opens up new perspectives for the development of the Percheron variety. In 2023, the European Eventing Championships will take place at the Haras national du Pin as part of the new International Center for Equestrian Sports.

-The fourth point is intended to: betting on the horse as a factor of Normandy’s tourist attraction and influence international. The ambition is to make Normandy shine through its equestrian events, to establish Normandy as the premier tourist destination for “horses” and to promote Normandy’s excellence internationally.

-Finally, the last challenge search for to let this exceptional sector benefit from all Normans† In particular, by opening up the practice of equestrian sport to everyone and by structuring a network of dynamic racecourses. Normandy is also a candidate for the organization of Equirando.

At the end of this presentation on Monday, May 23, Jean-Baptiste Thiébot, former president of the regional association of sport horses “Cheval Normandie” received the regional medal. A reward that congratulates her “Olympic Doppelganger” at the Rio 2016 Olympics with Piaf de B’Neville, ridden by Astier Nicolas, gold medalist, and at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with Amande de B’Neville, ridden by the German rider Julia Krajewski, gold medal.

The horse sector in the Normandy region represents 10% of the horses, 10% of employment and 10% of the national turnover in France.

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