2022 women’s fashion trend or how to wear latex like Kim Kardashian? Our 13 stylish ideas to copy.

Leave the total leather look, hello latex! In the form of dresses, leggings, skirts, pants and so on, this dominatrix-looking material is becoming THE 2022 women’s fashion trend that we’ll be seeing everywhere in the coming weeks. Where exactly can you get inspiration from? So, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga are undoubtedly the biggest addicts of this particular style and their recent outfits are an excellent source of inspiration, especially that of Kanye West’s ex-wife. Let’s see how we can wear latex without slipping and without overdoing it. Do you dare to take on this fashion trend?

Latex: the unexpected women’s fashion trend of 2022 that will dethrone leather!

As we just mentioned above, Kim Kardashian is a first-time fan of the latex trend and we have proof of that. The reality TV star has appeared multiple times, not only on the red carpet, but also in her everyday life. Her most famous looks include a devious ash pink dress with a seductive neckline, as well as her famous jumpsuit pants, sometimes ash pink, sometimes caramel. But it was especially her most recent outfit that caught the eye and gave latex the green light to establish itself as a fashion trend for women in 2022!

women fashion trend Kim Kardashian wears latex Prada gloves flare pants futuristic glasses

During Milan Fashion Week, the 41-year-old star was spotted in a striking latex look. The businesswoman opted for high-waisted flared trousers and a matching shirt made from this special fabric. To complete this bold outfit, Kardashian opted for Prada latex gloves, black high-heeled ankle boots and futuristic-looking white glasses for a Matrix look.

But how do you apply this 2022 fashion trend without overdoing it? Ideas and style advice in the following paragraphs.

fashion trend 2022 woman how to wear latex Kim Kardashian jumpsuit

The women’s fashion trends of 2022 dare to use latex to chase away winter boredom and brighten up the wardrobes for sunny days. A modern alternative to timeless leather, this material promises to revolutionize the wardrobe world. But before you take the plunge and buy a latex piece, it’s important to first inform yourself about the possible combinations to avoid missteps and overloaded looks. Here are some ideas to copy.

fashion trend 2022 female latex pants Hailey Bieber leather jacket

While the overall latex look is attractive and is highly recommended by Kim Kardashian, we recommend that you adopt this 2022 women’s fashion trend with minor details. In other words, embrace the credo ‘less is more’. In this context, here’s another great admirer of latex – Hailey Bieber. The model darkened on high-waisted latex pants, the tight and skinny cut of which perfectly emphasizes her curves. Justin Bieber’s wife paired her on-trend piece with a semi-sheer shirt and leather jacket in trend 2022. Her chic look is complemented by a signature Yves Saint Laurent belt, high-heeled shoes and a mini bag chain. A perfect outfit to adopt for the beautiful spring days!

fashion tip: this elegant ensemble can easily be “freshened up” with a white shirt.

women's fashion trend colorful latex pants Hailey Bieber leather camel jacket

Here’s another inspiration straight from the dressing room of the incredibly stylish Hailey Bieber. This time, the young woman preferred tight pants in dark purple, which she combined with red high-heeled shoes and a transparent top. To complete her casual chic outfit, the American exchanged the leather jacket for a long camel leather jacket.

Women's Fashion Trends Spring 2022 Lady Gaga White Latex Pants Leather Jacket

Our next inspiration comes from the impeccable style of Lady Gaga, the second biggest fan of latex after Kim Kardashian. The “Poker Face” hitmaker decided to wear white latex leggings paired with a matching leather jacket and handbag. Metallic effect shoes complete this impeccable look.

how to wear latex in 2022 colored pants simple blouse Addison Rae

Remember that Lady Gaga likes to wear ultra-daring latex outfits in many of her song videos. Yet these are uncomfortable clothes that you could not wear as an everyday outfit. Indeed, the easiest way to wear latex is in small details, as we hinted above. For example, how about latex pants in combination with an Oversize T-Shirt or a blouse for a stunner in the women’s fashion trends 2022? Feel free to copy Addison Rae’s casual outfit above.

Our inspiring ideas in pictures!

fashion trend 2022 red latex dress signed Louis Vuitton Cynthia Erivo

The powder pink latex dress as a fashion trend for women in 2022

fashion trend 2022 woman Kim Kardashian ash pink latex dress

The powder pink latex catsuit enhances the curves of Kanye West’s ex-wife

fashion trends for women 2022 how to wear latex jumpsuit Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian sisters know how to take on a total latex look!

how to wear latex like the kardashian sisters jumpsuits

Women’s fashion trend 2022: dare to wear an ultra-tight latex dress!

red latex bodycon dress Addison Rae fashion trend 2022

Colored latex pants will be in the spotlight in 2022

fashion trend wear colored latex in 2022

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