STRAIGHT AWAY. Government: Macron will cling to Abad because it is his only war prize, says Bruno Retailleau

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The burkini on the menu of the day

Today, the administrative court of Isère decides on an anti-burkini summary.


Mélenchon is located in Strasbourg

The leader of the insurgent France and Nupes Jean-Luc Mélenchon meets with the staff of the new civilian hospital in Strasbourg to talk about the working conditions of caregivers. Jean-Luc Mélenchon is planning “a deadly summer” on several fronts, according to a journalist on site.


Sex workers concerned about ‘fuzzy’ proposals from Nupes

In an open letter published on Mediapart, 180 sex workers, mainly supported by the Strass union and by Act Up-Paris, ask the New Popular, Ecologist and Socialist Union to clarify its proposals for their profession. “Will La Nupes respect our “fundamental right to dispose of our bodies” “in all circumstances” or, on the contrary, treat us as “goods-goods” and punish our customers? What does it mean to refer to “the wisdom of the assembly” the issue of decriminalization? “, they write.


Meanwhile on the Covid side

In a recommendation just published, the High Public Health Authority is recommending an anti-Covid booster vaccine in the fall for people at highest risk for severe forms, especially those over 65, the immunocompromised and those close to them.


About inflation-linked pensions

The indexation of pensions to inflation, promised by Emmanuel Macron, will become a reality in the heart of the summer, new Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt announced yesterday. Questions arise that the Parisian has tried to group together in this article.

11:00 a.m.

91 MP seats and 10 problem spots

No fewer than seven ministers (Clément Beaune, Olivia Grégoire, Stanislas Guérini, Gabriel Attal, Franck Riester, Amélie de Montchalin, Yaël Braun-Pivet) are running for parliamentary elections in Ile-de-France. A thousand candidates announced themselves in Ile-de-France and in Oise, for 91 constituencies. We’ve dissected the ten hotspots to discover in this article.


Retailleau knocks down the mayor and Darmanin

Keeping Bruno Le Maire and Gérald Darmanin in government, “we can’t say these are meritorious appointments”, ironically Bruno Retailleau on France Inter. Senator LR has a hard tooth against his former Republican colleagues, the minister of economy for “one of the least well-run countries in Europe. van Grenoble to refer to the administrative court” when “the same minister at the time of the separatist law refused our amendments to us, Republican senators, because we wanted to ban the wearing of the burkini”? “This desperate double play is cynical,” Retailleau said sternly.


Demonstration at Total, Orphelin applauds

The EELV delegate for Maine-et-Loire for a few more days, Matthieu Orphelin, is pleased with this morning’s mobilization of climate activists for the General Assembly of Total Energies. “Long live the mobilized youth,” writes the former campaign spokesperson for Yannick Jadot, who announced in February that he would not stand up for himself. “I ask Total to step out of fossil fuels faster”.


For Retailleau, Macron loves Abad for political reasons

Bruno Retailleau wonders about the Abad affair. “I see that there are two avenues, two measures: in June 2017, Richard Ferrand for the Brittany Mutual Insurance case or François Bayrou for the MoDem assistants case was not charged, but they were landed from the government” , notes the chairman of the LR senators on France Inter. Should Damien Abad resign? “Of course, if justice does justice to these testimonies, he will not be able to remain in government,” he said, without specifying what procedure should give him there.

But, he criticizes, “Emmanuel Macron will stick to this nomination because it is his only war prize with LR”.


Charlie Hebdo’s HRD Candidate Renaissance

Twelve days after Marika Bret announced her candidacy on Twitter, under the banner of Renaissance (ex-LREM) in the 5th arrondissement of Meurthe-et-Moselle, Charlie Hebdo announces that she is leaving the weekly. Marika Bret was the newspaper’s hiring manager and responsible for passing on Charb’s memory. “I have to leave a team and Charlie will never leave me,” the candidate wrote in her Twitter bio.


Corbière very surprised by Pap Ndiaye .’s decision

Pap Ndiaye “made a choice that humanly surprised me” to join “this” government, admits Alexis Corbière on RMC and BFM TV, a historian by training to become the new Minister of Education. “He is there to continue policies in which I do not recognize myself, the proof is that his chief of staff, Mr Jean-Marc Huart, was the degesco, director general of school education, and a very close friend of Jean-Michel Blank . One thing is the minister, spokesperson for a ministry, and another is who implements policy behind the scenes.”


Abad has to resign temporarily for Corbiere

“As it stands, all we can say to Mr Abad is that he cannot be part of the government,” Alexis Corbière estimates on RMC and BFM TV. The deputy of Insoumis from Seine-Saint-Denis recalls how difficult it is for a woman to take the step to file a complaint or testify. “Either we say let’s do justice, it will take a while and it will lead to trivialization, or we say that from the moment you are seriously involved,” a withdrawal is essential. Time for justice to put things in order .


Martinez, Melenchon and Nupes

True, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, like the CGT, defends retirement at the age of 60. But “the Nupes do not have the same opinion as we do about the Smic, for example, there is still progress to be made”, Philippe Martinez moderates to avoid political association with the Nupes.


Martinez on wages

“You have to increase the Smic to 2000 euros on the first line of your payslip. This is the base salary, which recognizes qualifications. Today the Smic stands at 1645 euros. And the government must impose that all industry minimums rise when the minimum wage rises,” CGT head Philippe Martinez defended on France Info.


Martinez angry about government reform plans

Philippe Martinez (CGT) will meet the new Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt at 10 a.m. and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne this afternoon. He will tell them about his opposition to raising the retirement age to 65. “The question is how can we keep employees working longer and give jobs to people who don’t have one? Why can’t you find a job after a certain age? “, he asks. “The government talks to us about hardship, but when they came to power they dropped three criteria”.

“All unions are against retirement at 65, that should clear the ears of the president,” he concluded a little later.


Abad case: Philippe Martinez asks for a “presumption of sincerity” for women

“You have to put yourself in the place of women who see their attacker carrying responsibilities,” protests CGT boss Philippe Martinez for whom Damien Abad should be suspended while the justice system sees that more clearly. “I do not deny that there are unjustified accusations, but the words of women and men must be in balance,” he defended on France Info. For him, there must be a “presumption of sincerity” for women.


Blanquer gone, “cleaned up” for Bayou

“First of all, it is a relief that Jean-Michel Blanquer is being thanked, certainly rejected. He leaves behind a seriously weakened ministry,” says Julien Bayou. “But I don’t know what Pap Ndiaye wants to do at the head of this ministry, I haven’t heard,” criticizes the Greens leader, omitting that ministers are obliged to reserve during an election period. ‘They don’t really know,’ he sums up. “We only know the retirement proposal at age 65 and the conditioning of the RSA…”


Raffarin on the Abad case

“We cannot have rules regarding political or media justice. Until we have the truth, we have to be very, very careful,” assures Jean-Pierre Raffarin, who is therefore concerned about possible manipulations. Twenty years ago, when he was prime minister, “the context was completely different”. “Let’s find a rule of law” that would apply to all governments.


Mélenchon should have been a candidate for parliamentary elections

“Madame Borne is brave to go to the elections, with all the work she has,” said Jean-Pierre Raffarin, while “the democratic flight from this point of view of Mr. Mélenchon is not very happy”.


Raffarin: Haro in the primaries

“If we continue the logic that has existed since 2000, next time it will be far right or far left,” warns Jean-Pierre Raffarin about Europe 1. “Who beheaded the right? It’s the primaries, it’s not Macron! It’s are the major ruling parties that have self-destructed by locking themselves in these deadly systems,” the former prime minister reproached.

But, the senator admits, Emmanuel Macron is “exposing herself too much” by doing everything. “Things also have to happen in parliament, we have to multiply the places of deliberation in society, bring politics back into the country,” he emphasizes.


Bayou destroys the green balance of the president and prime minister

“We had a full mandate of climate inaction. We can’t say make our planet great again and not get out of glyphosate when it was promised and repeated many times,” public senate Julien Bayou blamed. “This president is not green, it is also a tragedy for a young president who grew up with the warnings of the IPCC,” said EELV’s national secretary. “At one point, Elisabeth Borne did extra work at the Ministry for Ecological Transition”.


“Promoting people in question” is a mistake, for Julien Bayou

“We confuse the presumption of innocence and the fact that people are promoting in question, it has nothing to do,” EELV boss Julien Bayou estimates in the Public Senate. He cites the case of Thierry Solère, indicted thirteen times, that the majority rightly chose not to reinvest in the parliamentary elections. “It seems to me that the exemplary Republic was a concept announced by candidate Emmanuel Macron in 2016 and a campaign promise in 2017,” he recalled.

Damien Abad, MP, said the French would judge at the ballot box. “There is the idea that the separation of powers is not that important,” Bayou is concerned.


30 minutes of sport a day, for everyone

To date, 7,000 primary schools have introduced the 30-minute sport per day programme. The aim of the Minister of Sport is to quickly reach 30 to 35,000 and then all schools, “it is good for everything and for everyone”, she says.


The Sports Minister on the Abad Affair

“What I know about this context is that we have zero tolerance for sex offenders. (…) Justice must now be able to work in this case. As long as the judiciary has not proved his guilt, he is entitled to the presumption of innocence,” said Amélie Oudéa-Castéra, the sports minister, about France 2.


Burgundian on Abad

Asked about Damien Abad, Minister of Solidarity who is dependent on his Ministry of Health, Brigitte Bourguignon refuses to answer: “I will not comment on it, it is not mine. Of course I support women, I am one of them’, she kicks in on RTL.

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