In football, the Soligny/Les Aspres/Moulins Udon/Sarceaux U18s crush outside

The nine U18s, “soldiers of the day”, after their 5-2 victory in the Orne Cup ©DR

Wednesday 18 May


A plateau at the Aspres stadium brought together eight teams for four clubs, Sainte-Gauburge-Sainte-Colombe, L’Etoile du Perche, Boisthorel and SAM. Many goals scored, also beautiful game phases achieved by very young football players. All this in an excellent atmosphere and beautiful weather. The next and last plateau takes place on the 1er June in Sainte-Gauburge-Sainte-Colombe.

Saturday 21 May


There was also another set in the Aspres stadium. Five clubs had made the trip, Mortagne-au-Perche, Bazoches, Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe, FCE Perche and SAM.

It was a pleasant field with very good matches.

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Thanks to Vincent for coaching SAM’s U9, also thanks to Claudine, an incredible woman for organizing the coffee and snack offered to everyone, as well as to the mothers of players who shook hands during the two trays. This U9 set was the last of the season.


It was the last set in Moulins-la-Marche of the season with receptions from Alençon, Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe and Argentan. The first game for the blues was against Alençon. There were many chances but no success in front of goal (0-0). The second encounter against Argentan was an identical game to the previous one with actions but still no goals for either side (0-0).

Finally, third and final match against Le Mêle-sur-Sarthe where fatigue was felt. The blues don’t score and concede two goals. Beat 2-0. It was a plateau with a lot of energy, good fatigue for the eight players present.

Thank you to the parents for encouraging the youngsters in the morning and even during the season.


On Saturday 21 May, the SAM Football U15s will travel to Bellême for the last league game and hope to finish first. The encounter promises to be complicated by the heat and the presence of only seven players. The U15s start the game with a lot of seriousness and application. The SAM players open the score through Enzo, the blues continue their efforts and create actions without scoring. Half time is approaching and the fatigue is palpable, but they manage to score a second goal. The return to the locker room is whistled with a two-to-nil advantage.

In the second half, the U15s kept the same motivation, always creating the same number of chances and continuing. The second period ends with two goals from Maël and two goals from Enzo. The final score is 6-0. The U15s finish first and win the U15 championship at 7.

A big congratulations to the U15s despite the lack of players, thanks to the SAM U13s who often came to help the U15s and thanks to the Mortagne-au-Perche players and especially to Thyliann who is still present and who ends the season with knee problems.


It was a fantastic and heroic game for the U18s. A trip to Boucé was planned to take on Entente Udon/Sarceaux in the quarter-finals of the Orne Cup. The start was made by nine players in stifling heat, nine courageous players who gave everything from the first to the last minute of the game. The coach’s words are simple: show solidarity, encourage each other and, above all, give everything to not regret.

The start of the match is excellent with three big chances, Lucas manages to open the score through a center on the right. The blues keep pushing and against the course of the game, the hosts equalize. Before half time, Udon/Sarceaux took the lead after a counterattack by the blues on a corner. At halftime, the tie is 2-1.

The start of the second period was resounding for the blues with the equalizer in 45 seconds from Antonin after a deep pass by Eren (2-2). A minute later, Lucas scored a sublime goal with a shot that ended up in the skylight (3-2). The blues pushes again and ten minutes later a nearby hand offers a penalty which Lucas converts. It’s a hat trick for him.

The blues closes shop twenty minutes before the end and holds out without conceding another goal. Also note Roman’s fine saves, decisive on his line. At the end of the match, Victor is three to one, knocking them out with his strength and technique to score the fifth and final goal of the blues (5-2).

The explosion of joy at the final whistle is visible after this well-deserved handsome performance. The club is very proud of the nine players present. On their way to the semi-finals of the Orne Cup to be played on Saturday 11 June.


On the program is the reception of the Sées team. The first half is without much inspiration for the team that concedes a goal very quickly. SAM equalizes with a header via Tommy just before half time.

The second period is comparatively better in game and spirit. After a series of dribbles, Charly gives the advantage to his team (2-1).

The players dominate their opponent and get many opportunities. Kévin scores the third goal and Tommy heads again from a corner and ends the game with this long-awaited victory.

Many thanks to Clément Ménard who helped the team by playing as a goalkeeper.

Practice† This weekend’s program: Thursday 26 May the U18’s will take part in a tournament in Rugles; the seniors go to La Lande-Patry in the Orne Cup. On Sunday 29 May, the seniors will receive Le Sap-en-Auge in the competition.

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