‘We want to help bring tennis to the streets’

At Roland-Garros, one French manufacturer is chasing the others: goodbye Peugeot, make way for Renault† The diamond brand has just signed as a premium partner of the famous French tennis tournament, while the Lion retired there after 38 years of good and loyal service. An important sporting partnership, and one in which Renault is fully involved, as explained by Laurent Aliphat, director of marketing content for Renault France. Go to the Philippe Chatrier court (the interview can also be found on the video below).

Laurent Aliphat, when and how did Renault decide to become a Roland-Garros Premium Partner?

Laurent Aliphat : “It goes back to the end of 2021. We were then in the middle of thinking about how to recast the Renault brand on a partnership plan. We had a lot of ideas in mind and then Roland Garros unexpectedly came on the table. We immediately thought this file deserved our attention. and we got to work.”

Renault partner of a grand slam tournament, is this a first?

“Yes. We have a long history of partnerships, including in sport, but Renault and tennis is a firstBecoming a fortiori partner of a Grand Slam tournament is something unprecedented for the brand.”

Your partnership with Roland-Garros spans 5 years. What are your ambitions?

Our wish is to share a common route, a vision of mobility† We bring Roland Garros the means to reduce its carbon footprint, as Renault is committed to carbon neutrality. In addition, from this year, 60% of our fleet will be 100% electric. Through this collaboration we also want to contribute to: promote tennis on the streetreviving the urban practice of this sport through various initiatives.

What is the Renault system at Roland-Garros this year?

This spring coincides with the start of the marketing of our 100% electric Megane E-Tech. So there will be 100 copies of this Megane present at Roland-Garros this year, mainly to transport players participating in the tournament. The new Megane will also be visible to the public on a special stand, close to the runways. Visitors will also be able to discover, this is a world first for the public, our new Austral SUV† We also want to be recognized for our new graphic identity, which translates into our new logo. We have set up a generous panel system for this: indispensable!

The Renault diamond, integrated into the nets of the Roland Garros grand courts© The car magazine

The integration of the Losange directly into the nets of the courts, a real marketing coup!

This possibility was first discussed with our partners from the French Tennis Federation. We understood that right away the value of this location was undeniable† Renault could not miss such an opportunity, especially as it is a world first for a partner at Roland Garros.

You also put the package outside the courts, especially at Porte d’Auteuil station.

In order to accommodate as many passengers as possible through this metro station before going to the courts, it was an excellent opportunity for Renault to be visible to as many people as possible† It is part of our desire to be an active and innovative partner and to think along with original proposals. For once, if we didn’t know that Renault was a partner of Roland-Garros, I think that gives the answer in an obvious way.

Renault and Roland-Garros, did that make sense?

On the one hand, we have a tournament and a brand that are a world reference in the field of sports. On the other hand, Renault, which has the ambition to create value as part of its strategic plan “Renaulution”† By committing ourselves to such a prestigious brand and tournament, it is exactly this value creation that we want to create.

One hundred electric Renault Megane E-TECH will transport players to the Roland Garros tournament this year.
One hundred electric Renault Megane E-TECH will transport players to the Roland Garros tournament this year.©Renault

Do you have other partners in the sport besides Roland-Garros?

Renault has made a significant achievement by streamlining its partnerships. In addition to Roland-Garros, we are a partner of the French Rugby Federation and the XV of France† At Roland-Garros, these are two of the few pillars we want, not much more, to create impact.

One last word: your wish for this 2022 edition of Roland Garros?

First of all, we hope that the weather will be mild in the fortnight and that the best will excel on the tracks. We also want to find this audience enthusiasm that we missed so much† I think the indicators are green and we can’t wait to roll out this 2022 edition with a great list of winners at the end.

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