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Even on the team’s website, the hiring of David Ménard was discreetly inserted in a post titled: The Alouettes add four Quebecers to their roster

In 2019, he was released by the BC Lions before being rehired to finish the season.

Now 31, Ménard has set personal bests with 16 defensive tackles and 8 sacks.

The Jonquière athlete also received individual CFL honors for the first time in his career. He was named Week 12 MVP of the Season and was named Player of the Month in October.

’fun de se faire reconnaître et de se faire dire \”good job\”. J’ai tellement travaillé fort ces dernières années”,”text”:”C’est l’fun de se faire reconnaître et de se faire dire \”good job\”. J’ai tellement travaillé fort ces dernières années”}}”>To bepleasure be recognized and heard: Well done.” I’ve worked so hard the past few yearshe said on Wednesday.

I think it’s life that gives me back all the effort I’ve put in.

Head coach Khari Jones was unimpressed by the success of David Ménard, whom he enjoyed with the Lions.

I remember he always impressed me. He may not have collected the same amount of bags as this year, but he was still the one who made a game when you needed it.

Although he has had some interesting seasons in Vancouver, Ménard has never been more noticed than this year. But he has never played as much as this season.

I made games in British Columbia. I had two seasons with six sacks and played maybe 15 games per game. Now I play about 30 per game…

David Ménard will perform in 2021 just like he did in 2010 when he was named Quebec college football rookie of the year after leading the league with nine sacks in eight games.

When drafted by the Lions in the fourth round, Ménard had just finished his college career with 25.5 sacks, a record that still stands with the University of Montreal’s Carabins.

In Vancouver, however, he was sporadically played inside the defensive line as a tackle, rather than in the defensive finishing position where he was always a top quarterback fighter.

David Ménard’s solid season, he probably could have had sooner, had he been given the chance. Even if the CFL mandates the use of a certain number of Canadian players, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have a chance to assert themselves.

A double for David Côté

David Ménard is not the only player to represent the Alouettes in two categories. Kicker David Côté was named Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Special Teams Player.

The young man surprised many from training camp.

He has been perfect all season on kicks under 40 yards (23 for 23) and missed just one convert in 33 attempts. His consistency and calm are reassuring to coaches.

It was a nice surprisepointed out to Khari Jones.

It was one of the big question marks before the start of the season. We had a lot of discussions about choosing a kicker and he took control.

He reassured everyone with his attitude. He’s so calm.

William Stanback, MVP

A team’s MVP honor traditionally goes to a quarterback in the CFL. William Stanback will aim to become just the third running back to take the honor in the past 25 seasons, joining Jon Cornish in 2013 and Mike Pringle in 1998.

Despite missing two games in this short COVID-19 season, Stanback still reached 1,000 rushing yards and was able to win the title more than 300 yards ahead of his closest pursuer.

If he becomes the Eastern finalist for MVP, he will most likely face Winnipeg Blue Bombers quarterback Zach Collaros.

Finally, Landon Rice will represent the Alouettes for the Best Offensive Lineman title. After seven seasons as a jack of all trades on the Tiger-Cats and Alouettes offensive lines, Rice finally found a place as a proper tackle.

Good things come to those who wait.

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