The delicate issue of teacher recruitment, between autonomy and equality

Mass retirements coupled with a low birth rate have contributed to staff shortages almost everywhere. As a result, vacancies in both the hospitality and education sectors cannot be filled. In 2021, the successful candidates in the various competitions failed to significantly reduce this shortage. They all try to make recruitment in education more attractive in a context where many professionals drop out after a few years, sometimes even after one year!

Burned out or bored

Young dropout teachers are currently following two paths. Some are assigned to more difficult and demanding areas. Without support or guidance, they quickly burn out from work and become professionally exhausted. Conversely, others are placed in sensitive classes that challenge them. So when they return to their homeland, they get bored, they don’t feel useful anymore. Therefore, few seem to find a truly satisfying teaching experience between “burnout” and “boreout”. The allocation system does not meet all expectations well.

Replacing the device seems essential, but in what form? At the moment, no single approach has the support of everyone. Macron’s government has tried a new method they believe would be more effective: recruitment by profile.

Marseille, recruitment lab

In September 2021, therefore, the President announced that the city of Marseille might be the environment at the beginning of the 2022 school year that would take over this recruitment per profile in 50 laboratory institutions. Thus, it would no longer be the competitions, but the school directors that select their candidates. Emmanuel Macron would like to see the management teams compose their own teaching team.

For some, this approach makes perfect sense. Would the French national football team coach be asked to work with players he would not have chosen? Especially since other European countries bordering France have embraced a model close to what has been proposed. Whether in Germany or the Netherlands, teachers in the public sector sign contracts like in the private sector and are therefore partly selected by the management. However, this proposal did not go down well with the education unions. On the contrary…

A divisive project

Some already regret that this plan and the associated funds are only intended for a few sites, while all the institutions in the Marseille region have dire needs. An unequal approach that, according to many unions and teachers, will not help the problem of public schools.

Others were quite surprised by this announcement, which does not take into account what the school principals put forward during the Grenelle de l’Éducation. Indeed, no one has formally asked to be able to choose their teachers. On the other hand, they pointed much more to the lack of time, administrative support and financial resources. To which the Macron plan responds very little or not at all.

Finally, many unions are concerned about this experiment, which would demote the teacher to a simple employee employed by a director. A more entrepreneurial approach to education that concerns more than one. Should the school become a business like any other? That is the question posed by this project.

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