Plan. Three schools will merge at the beginning of next school year

The official signing took place in the presence of the Departmental Director of National Education Services, elected officials, Senator Maurey and departmental advisers. ©Anthony BONNET

“A stab in the heart. Monday, May 16, 2022, Olivier Piquenot and Edmond Deshayes used the same words to evoke this moment they wish they had never known. The mayors of Saint-Léger-de-Rôtes and Boisney officially signed the merger of their schools with those of Puddle (Eure) from the next school year. A situation that has become inevitable, the number of children is no longer sufficient. Founded 40 years ago with the villages of Carsix and Fontaine-la-Soret, De Sivos is about to be dissolved after the creation of the school center of Nassandres-sur-Risle

“We did everything we could to save our schools,” confirm Olivier Piquenot and Edmond Deshayes, who each interviewed the parents to find out what their wishes were. And “unanimously” they all chose to turn to Plasnes. “It remains rural”, appreciates the mayor of Saint-Léger-de-Rôtes. The school will go from 85 to 120 students in September, but it will remain “on a human scale” and “keep its soul,” notes Jean-Yves Mary, the inspector of National Education in the Bernay district.

Little Boisneysiens and Légerôtois will discover a new school where every effort is made to receive them in the best conditions. While the current nursery will become a fifth classroom, construction is underway on the vacant communal housing for the future nursery, a teaching kitchen, an office for director Céline Le Palmec and a room for teachers.

Anthony BONNET
Communal homes are being transformed. ©Anthony BONNET

The project, worth € 42,000, is financed thanks to the support of the State and the Ministry of Eure. “To equip the educational kitchen, we go to the Ressourcerie de Menneval to show children eco-responsible gestures”, specifies Guillaume Boulaye, the mayor of Plasnes, who wants to replace the oil-fired boiler with pellets during the roof renovation and install photovoltaic panels. The other two municipalities also provide materials and furniture, this prevents extra costs and “the school fees remain reasonable”, promises Guillaume Boulaye.

“A good work team”

An agent, formerly based in Boisney, will bolster the catering service, where the meals served to the children are prepared on site, a real asset. Another agent, from Saint-Léger-de-Rôtes, will in particular manage the library, the computer room and the educational garden. “Not all the staff have been hired, some will be out of work, Olivier Pique does not regret it all. But because we no longer have a school at home, we could not guarantee them full-time. »

The two towns will offer parents childcare in the soon-to-be vacant property and “it’s very important to show people that there is still life in the village,” emphasizes Edmond Deshayes, also pleased with “the good work team” formed with the neighboring towns. Township. “Closing a school is a very difficult moment in the life of a municipality, but the mayor of Plasnes managed to make things run as smoothly as possible, by showing pedagogy and by consulting with his colleagues so that the pill doesn’t go.” too bad,” the senator applauds Herve Maurey in the direction of Guillaume Boulaye, who was elected only four months ago.

The agreement with Valailles has been extended. Signature here with Claudine Dodelande, mayor of the city. ©Anthony BONNET

“You’ve worked with good intelligence for the good of the territory, and it doesn’t happen that way everywhere,” agrees. Francoise Moncada, director of the academic service of National Education in the Eure, after discovering “a great school”. This merger is seen as “a success” and “thanks to everyone’s involvement”, emphasizes the mayor of Plasnes and welcomes the involvement of the teaching team.

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