Montpellier: The Rectorate is closely studying a deteriorating situation at the Cité Scolaire Françoise-Combes

16 of the 28 teachers and some administrators of the Cité Scolaire Françoise Combes walked out again this Tuesday afternoon to denounce unbearable working conditions. De Dasen confirmed that the file was in the objectification phase. So in study.

193! This is the number of pages of the report submitted to Christophe Mauny, academic director of the National Education Services at the end of a first day of strike on April 20, which it was hoped would not appeal. joined by the SNES and FO.

This weight report, which aims to reveal a bad atmosphere in the establishment, points to serious dysfunctions documented in two files explained during the two hearings granted by the Rectorate. He mentions in particular absenteeism, transfers of teachers in a chain, a malaise that they believe is rooted, drawing on the management of their director.

Anne Mayard, “let her go!”

“The purpose of this second day of strike is to mark our determination in the face of a situation that is difficult for some of the staff to accept and empathize”, with possible renewals of the movement, “if nothing moves”, emphasizes Philippe Schmitt , representative of the SNALC and 32 years old as a teacher at the bar, including 12 in the institution as a physics-chemistry teacher. “We are waiting for answers!”.

“We hope for a quick response from the Rectorate about the departure of Rector Anne Mayard,” explains a striker. Or that an administrative investigation is opened to perhaps make a fresh start. Which is not to everyone’s taste. “A simple departure, and not at the beginning of the 2022 school year, he breathes. “Let her go. We are also not going to spend the summer with a ball in the stomach. Swiping maybe a little too fast, the academic procedures.

Problems of abuse and management are the two axes that polarize the grievances. The report contains about twenty testimonies, from teachers, administrators or staff, some of whom have been transferred to another institution. And in sore spots: “I avoided going past her office for a year for fear of crossing her,” testifies a teacher who says she was targeted by a principal who has accused her of “relationship problems with her colleagues for years. , parents, etc. “I have been insulted and approached by a relative of a student without her intervention”, we can read. “Because his policy supports Philippe Schmitt, it is not the duty of protection, it is clientelism.”

“Misguided” Students

“We’re the only institution where we have students take the same test two or three times because they skip class! We have a complicated audience that cannot be attributed to Madame Mayard. The students struggle to follow the rules “But we don’t” We don’t really run them. And that’s primarily the role of management. Instead, Madame Mayard makes us take the blame and humiliates us in front of the parents when they are surprised because of their poor results”.

Another says he had suicidal thoughts when he submitted a “report on how to serve in 11 incomprehensible points”, and tells of his descent to hell before his transfer request was finally accepted on the other side of the region.

Personal opinions that are a bit too divided

And Madame Mayard never misses an opportunity to denigrate the Department of National Education over the reform of the secondary school or the Prime Minister over his management of the health crisis, forgetting his duty of restraint, through letters embellished with caricature drawings it forwards. to us internally”. Accused of playing “politics” with educational teams, “Madame Mayard too often seems to forget that she is in the service of the state”.

The director and the union representatives met recently. According to the latter, all that she could be accused of in terms of assault is “passed on for professionalism, a demand she would show. We stay in the same pattern, nothing changes, it is someone who doesn’t listen”.

A contradictory hearing requested by the Dasen

We no longer seem to expect much of the Françoise Combes school complex from the management of people “considered as inhumane”. Some employees have remained in solidarity with the headmistress, who is said to have been the victim of a clique, and have requested a conflicting hearing from Dasen.

“Things have been said during two hearings, the Dasen confirmed Christophe Mauny. During our interviews, the union representatives accepted that we receive other employees and parents who ask for it, because the strikers are not representative of all the people present in the Cité Scolaire”. There is thus a phase of objectification, followed by an analysis of the situation: “The rector then decides on the nature of the procedure to be introduced. This takes time. Do not confuse speed with haste”, recommends Christophe Mauny.

“We want normalcy”

Anne Mayard, who remains in the shadows, declined to comment, having denounced personal attacks during the first strike last April. “During our audience in the rectorate to which she was invited, de Dasen was able to gauge our discomfort,” Philippe Schmitt summarizes. What we want is to work in complete peace of mind. Without pressure or abuse, we want normality. And we will fight to the end. We are more and more determined. 57% of teachers in permanent positions are on strike today, i.e. 16 holders. Because when it comes to precarious and contractual, including AEDs (teaching assistants), the fear is prevalent. This was to be expected”.

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