Headlines: Biden’s Pledge to Defend Taiwan Seriously Raises Tensions with China

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Is this news? blunder “of the president or a” frank warning “, asks the New York Times who is considering anyway that President Biden’s unreserved statement promising to use military force to defend Taiwan has paved the way for new tensions with China “.By breaking loose strategic ambiguity “traditional favorite with US presidents” Biden creates confusion, not clarity “, for his part, believes the Guardian remember ” that if the United States is to give Taiwan the means to defend itself, it has never promised to intervene militarily, nor has it ever promised to stay out “. And it’s this” intentional inaccuracy “Explains the British daily again” which has so far helped stop China from invading Taiwan, and also stopped the self-governing island from declaring full independence – two scenarios that would either trigger a major geopolitical crisis “, emphasizes the Guardian. Conversely, the Washington Post welcomes” that Biden becomes less ambiguous but more strategic “. The American daily believes that ” this very clear warning from the US president will make Beijing think twice before sending its forces through the Taiwan Strait “. A statement that is in any case experienced as a ” real challenge by china “who is accusing Biden?” play with fire “, reports the Global Times the Chinese nationalist daily that warns and even incites about the threat of war: if the Biden administration continues to act like this, China-US relations will soon be like Titanic hitting an iceberg, and it will end in crisis, or worse

Ukraine: First Russian soldier sentenced to life in prison for war crimes

It is on the front page of the entire world press, often with the photo of this young soldier” with a childish face “21 years old” Vadim Chichimarin charged and found guilty of shooting a Ukrainian peasant in the head on a phone call », Reports El Pais† A crime ” intentionally against a civilian “what led to this” 1st life sentence for war crime also notes Die Welt which underlines that the Attorney General of Ukraine Iryna Venediktova thus intends to ” a clear signal: no executioner, no person who has ordered a crime will escape justice The accused now has 30 days to appeal “, for its part, underlines the Financial times who believes” that while it is unusual to try soldiers in captivity for war crimes while fighting continues, this sentence and the following sentence could allow Ukraine to negotiate the release of the fighters from the Mariupol Azovstal factory who visited last week brought Their fate still seems uncertain. while they are in Putin’s clutches “, Write the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung who reports that in Moscow ” some politicians do not rule out the possibility of reintroducing the death penalty against these soldiers they classify as Nazis

Resignation of senior Russian diplomat ‘shameful’ in light of invasion of Ukraine

I have never been so ashamed of my country », title de Suddeutsche Zeitungwith which the indignation of ” Boris Bondarev who sent his letter of resignation to Moscow after 20 years of diplomatic service yesterday “. Letter containing ” he describes the war as a crime against the Ukrainian people, but also against the Russian people “Bondarev’s messagewho was stationed in Geneva with the Russian mission of the United Nations, is the latest example of the unrest within the Russian elite “, believes the New York Times † † this damning letter is one of the strongest critiques of the war and its masterminds “, comments on his part the Washington Post remember ” that Anatoly Choubais, Putin’s special representative for climate, also resigned last March – but without publicly commenting on the reasons for his departure “. According to the Russian daily Kommersant other Russian diplomats have resigned, but without making a public statement

Putin, Biden, Zelensky and Xi are distinguished by the Time magazine

The Russian, American, Ukrainian and Chinese presidents are among the “ 100 most influential people in the world in the 2022 ranking of the American magazine. Also included are Ursula Von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Note that the ” Putin’s portrait was written by his number 1 opponent Alexei Navalny », Reports La Republica while Zelensky’s is signed by Joe Biden », to be read this week in the Time magazine

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