Discover the surprising passion of Jean-François Beaupré

As a child, Jean-François Beaupré was really in love with Star Wars† Besides the movies, the lessons in this saga touched his heart as a little boy. This passion that colored his childhood still follows him. He was a great collector, collecting important objects that contributed to his small personal museum…

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Jean-François, you join the cast ofWarnings† What can you tell us about your character?
Christian Roussil is a businessman who made his fortune from real estate, supermarket ATMs and slot machines. He’s quite on top of his business, drooling around the edges. It’s far from me, but I understand that I was chosen for this role… (smile) I enjoyed playing his scenes. He’s a great character to defend and I shot with a great team. In summary, let’s say Christian will give the series a certain punch. It will not go unnoticed!

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you in an adult series. Happy with this nice return?
Secure! In recent years I have been in mutants in Télé-Québec, a children’s series that was a great success. Last summer I shot in two films: Echo to Delta and norbourg, which relates to the case of the same name. For several years now I have also been coaching actors, dubbing and voice-over.


The most important thing is to keep it up in this profession…
Indeed, the challenge is to keep it up, and I’m one of the lucky ones. I’ve been practicing this profession for 30 years and it’s always about starting over. It comes with a form of fear, but my philosophy can be summed up as follows: I have always relied on life and I try not to plan too much because it often proves to us that things are not going the way we would have liked. † I earn my living from my job since I graduated from drama school. Coaching actors also allows me to pass on my passion. And often they come back! Well I admit they are also interested in my museum Star Wars(smile) I often get questions about this. I get asked if my girlfriend likes that I have collectibles scattered around the rooms. I always answer: no! (laughs) It’s a joke of course…

It is nevertheless a beautiful passion!
I had read a quote from Saint Augustine a long time ago that said, “It is better to lose yourself in your passion than to lose your passion.”

What does this collection look like today?
It’s worse than ever! (laughs) Something always comes to us. Every time I ask myself the same question: where should I put this new figurine? It creates a domino effect: I move a figurine to place a new one and I have to restructure everything. But that’s part of the fun.

Photo: Valerie Blum

Have you gathered your collection in one room?
No, it’s spread all over the house… The bedroom has been spared. With my girlfriend we decided there would be nothing in this room to worry about Star Wars

Is it at his request?
No, I decided enough was enough. My girlfriend leaves the field open for me. She and I have two apartments. She has made her office in an apartment five minutes from us. Sometimes she sleeps there. She organized the place to her liking. My girlfriend must have offered me half of my collection… At one point there was a letting go on her part. People come to visit my collection and that makes people happy. This is less the case at the moment because of the covid, but in general I pass on my passion.

Besides the objects, it’s the lessons that touch you…
Indeed. I like the philosophy of Star Wars† It’s beautiful what it says. I was 10 when I saw it The Empire Strikes Back† Yoda tells Luke to finish what he starts. Luke replies that he can’t believe it, and Yoda explains to him why he’s failing. That’s how I understood that you had to believe in it to achieve what you want. These are lessons that come back to us and accompany us afterwards. It still touches me today.

Sebastien St-Jean / QMI Agency

Is it a crush that goes back to childhood?
Secure! I was seven years old when the first movie came out in 1977. Like pretty much every boy of my generation, I fell into it when I was little. Except I stuck!

What touched you so deeply that it still follows you into adulthood?
As we dive into psychoanalysis a little, remember that I am an only child. My father left when I was young. I think I suffered a lot from it. There were far fewer divorces then than there are now. In my class I was the only one whose parents were divorced. I lived alone with my mother until I was 19. As a child I found it difficult. I had no brother or sister. I guess I had a tendency to go crazy about anything to do with space. the mythology of Star Wars fascinated me: knights, nobility, the quest for knowledge and justice, etc. All this called me.

Photo: Patrick Seguin

Do you invest with equal zeal in other passions?
Yes, in terms of music. I am a songwriter. I’ve got an album on the market, the other side of my life, available on all platforms. I postponed my shows for two years. I can’t wait to be back on stage with my guitar and my musicians. In the meantime, I continue to write songs and do studio work.

How have you lived the past two years?
Quiet. I was arrested barely a month and a half ago. On a personal level, I found it hard not to see my friends. I am very social, I need to see people. I take care of those I love. I like sports, I train at home. I am naturally disciplined. This discipline is also reflected in my work: I like to learn my texts, I am well prepared.

You see it in the series Warningsairs Mondays at 9 p.m., on TVA.
his album the other side of my life is for sale on all digital platforms.

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