Which essential oils for psoriasis?

What is psoriasis?

the psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease who gets in the way? 2 and 4% of the French population. It is characterized by: red plates located at the level of friction areas skin : elbows, forearms, lower back, knees, but also on the scalp, nails and sometimes mucous† These red spots are covered with small white and dry skins that flake off, inflaming the keratinocytes, multiplying and renewing themselves in seven days instead of twenty-one. The disease progresses in flare-ups. “These are often linked to emotional shock, and there is also a genetic predisposition,” says Evelyne Chartier, an aromatherapy practitioner.

First of all, “Psoriasis absolutely requires seeing a dermatologist,” warns Evelyne Chartier. Treatment with essential oils is only possible with the permission of the doctor and also in mild or chronic psoriasis. †

Which essential oils to use against psoriasis?

Patchouli Essential Oil

“She has qualities anti-inflammatories and antisepticssays Evelyne Chartier, an aromatherapy practitioner. It’s also a antifungal† » Note, estrogen-like (i.e. it mimics the action of estrogen in the body), it is forbidden for childrento the pregnant woman and people suffering from hormone-dependent cancer pathologies† It’s also flammable!

Myrrh Essential Oil

“It is essential in the case of psoriasis, warns the aromatherapy practitioner. She regenerates damaged skin.

This essential oil is oily and tends to solidify. “You should warm it up for a few seconds by dipping the bottle in a water bath and then take a few drops,” advises Evelyne Chartier.

Himalayan Nard Essential Oil (or Jatamansi)

It is widely used in the care of flaky skin† This essential oil is anti-inflammatory,antibacterial, says Evelyne Chartier. It fights inflammation due to psoriasis, redness. It also has an action tranquilizer against the itch caused by the psoriasis† †

Attention ! Since this oil is estrogen-like, its use is prohibited for children, pregnant women and people suffering from hormone-dependent cancer pathologies.

Geranium Rosat Essential Oil

she is astringentanti-infectious and anti-inflammatory† “She Allows To” tighten skin tissue and it is especially indicated in cases of psoriasis that cause sudden burning pain,” specifies the aromatherapy practitioner.

Warning: Geranium Rosat essential oil is estrogen-like. It is therefore prohibited for children, pregnant women and people suffering from hormone-dependent cancer pathologies!

Rosemary Essential Oil with Verbenone

“She is anti-infectious and purifyingand acts as a skin tonic », specifies Evelyne Chartier. Another property of this essential oil: it stimulates the body, which is interesting in psoriasis that exhausts the body. In this case you can in diffusion with a few drops in a diffuser.

“We let it diffuse for 10 minutes and then stop for two hours, before starting again if necessary,” advises the aromatherapist.

Frankincense essential oil

“It’s a very good one” skin care, says Evelyne Chartier. This oil has virtues healing and it regenerates damaged skin. †

Other essential oils have also been used in very specific cases of psoriasis.

Lavender essential oil

she is analgesic and anti-inflammatory† “It is useful in cases of psoriasis that warms up », explains Evelyne Chartier.

Tea tree essential oil

it has two interesting properties in the context of psoriasis: “it is an essential oil that iimmunomodulatory, but we know that in psoriasis there is too much lymphocyte activity, explains the aromatherapy practitioner. It is also an essential oil anti-infectious† †

Which vegetable oils to choose for dilution?

Essential oils are usually used in dilution. Depending on the problem to be treated, some vegetable oils are more suitable than others. Here are which ones to choose in case of psoriasis.

rosehip oil : are essential fatty acids that participate in reconstruction of skin cellsit is particularly recommended in the case of: psoriasisbut also fromeczema† she is too healing

jojoba wax soothes itching and reduces the risk of dehydration of the skin“because it’s close to the cerids of the skin,” Evelyne Chartier specifies.

calophyllum oil is interesting because it is both healing and anti-inflammatory

For each use of a essential oilyou have to make one test 48 hours in advance in the bend of the elbow

Then, and only in the case of mild psoriasis True chronichere are some recipes.

Mix 0.5 ml (10 drops) Nard de Himalaya essential oil + 1 ml (20 drops) Roman chamomile essential oil + 0.5 ml (10 drops) frankincense essential oil + 0.5 ml (10 drops) rosemary verbenone essential oil + 0.5 ml (10 drops) essential oil of rose geranium + 3 ml jojoba wax + 1 ml vegetable argan oil (or from rose hip) + 2 ml cocoa butter or aloe vera gel.

To soothe the itching of psoriasis

Mix 2 drops of Nard de l’Himalaya essential oil + 2 drops of Myrrh essential oil in a teaspoon of calendula oil. Apply to lesions with a compress twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

To fight inflammation

Mix 1 ml (20 drops) of camphor rosemary essential oil + 1 ml (20 drops) of rosemary verbenone essential oil + 0.5 ml (10 drops) of Atlas cedar essential oil + 0.5 ml (10 drops) of essential oil of Roman Chamomile + 1ml (20 drops) Himalayan Nard Essential Oil in 10ml Rosehip Vegetable Oil and 36ml Jojoba Wax. Apply to lesions 2 to 3 times a day until marked improvement.

Which natural remedy for a psoriasis attack?

In addition to the care with essential oils, in case of a psoriasis crisis, take 2 capsules of . for up to 7 days in a rowborage oil because of its contribution to omega-6 fatty acids that good hydration skin, a relaxationt and that fight inflammation, recommends Evelyne Chartier. You can also take black cumin oil capsules that are immunomodulatory. †

And to fight against inflammation“you can take 1 capsule morning and evening for a month plantain-blackcurrant mix ”, suggests the aromatherapy practitioner. Plantain is a plant with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help skin suffering from psoriasis† As for black currant, it is anti-inflammatory and also boosts immunity.

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