this is how you dress this week from 23 to 29 May 2022

TwinCancer, Leo, Virgo… Here it is how to dress this week from 23 to 29 may 2022 according to your zodiac sign. Dare or romance, decipher what the stars have planned for your sartorial destiny.

When the respective universes of our fashion journalist and our astrologer meet, the planets align with the modosphere. And for good reason, if the style is the mirror of the personality that varies and evolves according to our emotions, it is a driving force that promises to help us put the odds on our side† So why deprive yourself, when you can benefit from stylistic advice tailored by our fashion expert, according to the fate predicted by the stars, according to each Zodiac sign

Horoscope from 23 to 29 May 2022: which clothes do you wear according to your zodiac sign?


This week is synonymous with positivity that you will sow with a grain of madness. Your enthusiasm under the Aries sign will dictate your course of action and bring you extra charisma.

Aries: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope

Faced with this effervescence of good vibes, treat yourself to fashion and consider wearing colorful clothes that make you feel good. A bardot-collared dress like Kate Middleton, a sheer dress like Emily Ratajkowski…


Since experimentation becomes your keyword, you only want innovations, destined to sharpen your daily life.

Taurus: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope

As the stars indicate, this week will be conducive to novelties. Let yourself be seduced by fashion trends that you have not yet experienced. Any ideas ? A cargo skirt, wedge mules, a split dress, a modern corset…


Radiant with happiness thanks to the generosity of the stars and the sun that is in your plate, you will spend a very pleasant week.

Gemini: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

Take advantage of being in the light to shine with a thousand lights by wearing sporty clothes and accessories that will awaken your complexion and your hair color. Pop orange, sunset yellow, passion red… Don’t skimp on the colours.


The planets are aligned so this week is synonymous with sharing and memorable memories, especially between friends thanks to the moon in Taurus next weekend, as our astrologer confirms.

Cancer: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

Who says memories, says memorable outfits. So put on everything your fashion wardrobe has that is most unforgettable.


If the past week has been complicated to say the least, this new straight-line seems to be much more beneficial for you. With Pluto in your house of health in symbiosis with the sun, depending on you horoscopeenergy will be your engine of acceleration.

Leo: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

To carry out all your projects and let this driving energy flow through your body and mind, consider comfortable clothes and an excuse to party. But especially in which you feel good.


Love with a capital A will dictate your emotions in this week from 23 to 29 May 2022. All in all, attention to turbulence areas, to keep sliding at a sufficient height.

Virgo: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

Be guided by desires for romance, be enchanted by fashion trends who echo it. A floral dress, a pink men’s shirt, a lace bra…


According to our astrologer’s predictions, this week your sign will be associated with Venus, which will become your ruling planet, and will be shared with the sign of Aries, which you are diametrically opposed to. Conclusion ? A festive and electric atmosphere invites you into your everyday life.

Libra: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

Consider perfectly mix and match dress according to your degree of madness. If you crave sequins, there will be sequins in your wardrobe. Advice from our Fashion Journalist? Wear clothes that invite you to party.


With the Moon in Taurus on May 28, your mood will be changeable. You will be more demanding and think all the more about fun, whatever it may be.

Scorpio: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

With a certain dose of inspiration as Mars and Neptune appear in your creative line, dare, stylistically† show something tailors dare which you don’t suspect. For example, if you are a fan of sneakers, swap your sneakers for even minimalist heels, and vice versa.


With Jupiter on your team and the ample amount of energy that Aries provides, your week will become dynamic. However, an energy you must channel to avoid a flood.

Sagittarius: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

Same style in style. Your appearance will show off in the image of your energy daring and will make you shine all the more. Choose flowing, light or stretchy materials that promise unstoppable freedom of movement. The best ally? The athleisure playsuit.


With the assurance that nothing is impossible this week thanks to Pluto in your constellation, show clarity and precision and adjust your perception according to these new indications.

Capricorn: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

So when nothing is impossible, flirt with risky clothing while displaying exemplary rigour. The perfect opportunity to wear clothes you’ve never dared before. The only requirement? Take their gate so the magic works.


When various financial opportunities lie ahead, distrust. Take the time to think to weigh the pros and cons.

Aquarius: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

If you fell for too expensive clothes but you don’t have enough budget, don’t rush. Turn to similar fashion pieces at much more affordable pricesand just as rewarding.


With Venus in Aries in your sign, this week rhymes with optimism. As theyou reap what you sowthis will no doubt be the right time to give you the tools to get what you’ve been waiting for.

Pisces: what clothes do you wear according to your horoscope?

To keep the odds on your side, consider wearing the perfect outfit adapted to the field you want to excel in. Sports, work or romance… It doesn’t matter, as long as your clothes match the chosen theme.

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