Juliet Bonhomme: from former fast fashion addict to queen of upcycling

She roams all over Brussels with her sewing machines, her accessories and her fabrics. Because Juliet continues, but always with enthusiasm, workshops for brands such as Vans, events such as the one offered by Wecandoo in Brussels or for her personal project The Upcycling Lab† The influencer also shares her passion for upcycling on Instagram. With this concept of “upcycling”, the purebred 26-year-old from Brussels has managed to reconcile her two passions in life: fashion and ecology.

“I was a major consumer of fast fashion”

Juliet Bonhomme has been passionate about fashion from an early age and has long been an avid consumer of fast fashion. Zara, Mango, H&M had no secrets for her. A way of life far removed from the one it advocates today. † I was in the extreme and I knew it, but I managed to put on blinders for the consequences of my fashion consumption† While still a student, the fashion addict wanted to launch her own blog. † I wanted to highlight original looks I shot on the street, share the latest trends… But that got in the way. Consuming fast fashion was okay. But promoting this fashion was an ethical concern for me.† Great ecological awareness then starts with Juliet. Suddenly, she gives up her blogging project and embarks on her green transition.

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Wanting to do everything better

The young woman makes a major life change. She then turned to a local and meatless diet and zero waste consumption. But fashion remains his Achilles heel: “I’m passionate. This attraction to fashion is part of me. Denying it would generate terrible frustration. I had to find solutions.” She therefore opts for alternatives such as ethical brands, thrift shops or even clothing rental.

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And then the Covid-19 pandemic sounded at the door of households around the world. It was a click for Julia. “During the incarceration, we were no longer able to buy or sell second-hand. And then we had to be careful! So I started transforming curtains, sheets, clothes that I already had in the house. I finally used my mother’s sewing machine. A whole world opened up to me there.” Upcycling then closes the circle of his slow fashion journey: he combines his passion for fashion, his creativity and his desire to act for a more sustainable world. † Since then I have never stopped. I love making unique, original creations based on what I already have. Moreover, everything can be declined indefinitely. †

The Upcycling Lab

Juliet then wants to professionalize this passion. She joined JobSelfa support structure for young entrepreneurs and finally launched The Upcycling Lab, a hybrid project that offers several services related to sewing. First the workshops, the DNA of the project: during her workshops, intended for individuals or companies, Juliet learns different techniques to transform fabrics lying around in our house into darlings, carrier bags or clothing.
Then consultancy. “I help brands and stores revalue their unsold stock or standard stock. We work hand in hand to find upcycling that suits them. Then I make prototypes and help get the transformation started.” For example, Juliet designed denim jackets in collaboration with The yellow labelthe upcycling brand of Little Nothing† Unique jackets, with sleeves made from old scarves.

His project and his Instagram account also make it possible to increase ecological awareness. If Juliet has adopted the aesthetic and communication codes of influencers, she adapts them to the sauce anyway slow mode† She shares her looks, her latest creations, her personal thoughts to reflect among her subscribers. ” And when people tell me they have stopped buying new ones, thanks to my actions i tell myself my fight really serves a purpose and i need to keep going! † Inspiring, motivated and motivating, Juliet Bonhomme is certainly not done with the greening of Belgium.

To discover Juliet’s project and the calendar of her next workshops, it is here

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