Football: Super and Challenge Leagues: The Great Carousel of Coaches Has Begun


After Ludovic Magnin in Lausanne, Alex Frei signed with FC Basel. Other clubs are preparing to change coaches this summer. Overview of the banks to be filled.

Alex Frei, in tears on Saturday evening in the arms of Mike Keller, chairman of FC Winterthur, was appointed to the bench of FC Basel on Monday.

Martin Meienberger/fresh focus

The end of the championship kicked off the big carousel of coaches. This has certainly always existed and animated the summer transfer window, but this time it promises to spin faster than usual. Whether in the Super League or the Challenge League, things are likely to start moving everywhere.

There are clubs that have already more or less approved the departure of their coach – this is the case of FC Zurich, which will have to decide to let André Breitenreiter slip, announced to be back in the Bundesliga. And there are those where bank changes can take place, the announcement of a departure can cause a musical musical chairs…

Where do we stand in the wake of the championship’s incredible result and what do we really know? Overview of the hotspots and the various banks that could be looking for a new resident between now and recovery.

FC Zurich: on Letzigrund, the future is written without André Breitenreiter. Canepa’s husbands failed to keep the man who offered them the first title for 13 years. After Zurich’s crowning champion, Breitenreiter, whose success has rightly reached the ears of several Bundesliga leaders, returns to his country. In all likelihood, the German will be on Hoffenheim’s bench in the coming days. In the list of candidates for the position of FCZ coach, Blick mentions the name of Bruno Labbadia, who would have been preferred by President Canepa, clearly seduced by the German vein.

FC Basel: As expected, David Degen has not confirmed Guillermo Abascal as coach. In Saint-Jacques, the way was thus cleared for the return of Alex Frei, who has just celebrated promotion from FC Winterthur, back on the map of the elite of Swiss football after an eclipse of more than 30 years. Frei, who will be officially presented on Tuesday, has signed a two-year lease. On the banks of the Rhine, the former Nati striker had already trained Rijnhoop before confronting Bernhard Burgener. To succeed him at the Schützenwiese, we are talking about… Patrick Rahmen, ex-coach of FC Basel, sacked in February 2022. The life of a coach remains an eternal restart.

Young Boys: Will the sequel be written in Bern with or without Matteo Vanetta? During the 11 games this spring, he got to take on the shoes of trainer No. 1, the interim appointed successor to David Wagner, who has amassed just 16 points (1.45 points average). This is not in his favour. At the Wankdorf, the rumor, and not just them, is calling the name of Raphaël Wicky for a more flashy solution.

St. Gallen: Despite a long-term lease until … 2025, Peter Zeidler could change air, according to several sources. Thus, the man is announced on the side of Augsburg. The interested party declined to comment on what it considers mere rumours…

Napkin: Supported by his leaders, Alain Geiger is ready to return for a fifth season. However, the lack of resources might prompt the Valais to look elsewhere, beyond the Swiss borders. At La Praille, the possibility of a “divorce” remains very low despite everything.

If we: Promoted Swiss champion of “miraculous” reversals, the Valais club continues with Paolo Tramezzani? From a purely contractual point of view, yes, the Italian technician still has a one-year contract. However, his playing philosophy and crippling lack of spectacle could prompt the chairman to ask the question. Beyond the accolades of a rescue Sunday that came out of nowhere…

Lausanne: the Vaudois club already has the successor to Alain Casanova. The confirmed arrival of Ludovic Magnin, presented early this Monday afternoon, put an end to a false tension. In this area, the relegated from La Tuilière is in any case in the lead.

Stade-Lausanne-Ouchy: The Stadistes are looking for Meho Kodro’s successor to start a new cycle. The Vidy club has apparently found happiness in the family, with the planned transfer of Anthony Braizat, leaving the bank of Nyon (another club financed by Vartan Sirmakes), to settle on Pontaise’s. A transfer that has not yet been formalized.

Yverdon: We know that Uli Forte is still contractually linked to the Nord-Vaudois club. But President Mario Di Pietrantonio will not oppose his coach’s departure if he receives an offer from a foreign club or from the Super League. From St. Gallen, whom Forte happened to already coach?

The great carousel of coaches has only just begun. And others get to participate in the next round.

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